Xiaomi Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Bike Concept Unveiled

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Xiaomi’s Segway-Ninebot has revealed the Segway Apex H2 Concept

  • The production version is slated to be launched in 2023.
  • It will cost an equivalent of around Rs 7.84 lakh.
  • It can accelerate from 0-100kmph in less than four seconds with a top speed of 150kmph.

Segway-Ninebot, owned by Xiaomi, has unveiled its first hydrogen-electric hybrid motorcycle concept, the Segway Apex H2, in China. Crowdfunding will commence once the motorcycle hits 99 pre-bookings. The production version is planned to be priced at CNY 69,999, around Rs 7.84 lakh, and launched in 2023.

The Segway Apex H2 Concept is powered by a unique hydrogen-electric hybrid powertrain that’s capable of dishing out 81.5PS of power. It is claimed to be capable of accelerating from 0-100kmph in less than four seconds with a top speed of 150kmph. Hydrogen storage is inherently dangerous as it is prone to explosion if the storage container is damaged. So to work around this, Segway claims to use a solid alloy hydrogen cylinder that’s as big as a water bottle to power the motorcycle. It is claimed to offer a range of 1km per gram of hydrogen. The power capsule can be swapped to refuel almost instantly.

The hybrid bike concept rolls on solid wheels wrapped with slicks. It also gets a unique single-sided swingarm at both ends, with a hub-centre steering. Of course, expect the production version to use more conventional underpinnings, perhaps inverted front fork and a rear monoshock setup along with alloy wheels shod with street-oriented tyres. Like the concept version, the final production model is likely to pack a large 7-inch screen and an all-LED lighting system as well.

We can’t help but feel the whole concept of a hydrogen-electric powertrain with solid alloy capsules is a little too sophisticated to achieve mass production in just two years. But who knows, Segway might just crack it considering it is backed by a company as large as Xiaomi. And since Segway-Ninebot products are often rebranded to Xiaomi, we should see a proper Xiaomi bike hit the Asian roads soon. What do you think?

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