Hero Tops the 125cc Category in April 2016 Beating Segment Leader Honda

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Once again, the Hero Glamour has topped the 125cc motorcycle segment in India, leaving behind the Honda CB Shine by a good margin.

The 125cc two-wheeler segment has been the ruling ground of Honda Motorcycles in the Indian market for a long time now. However, the manufacturer is losing the ground as its rival Hero MotoCorp is continuously showing better sales in this category. It started in the month of February this year when the Hero Glamour became the top selling 125cc motorcycle in India leaving behind the Honda CB Shine by a good margin. The result repeated itself in March and April as well, and with even bigger margins every time.

In April, Hero sold 66,756 units of the Glamour, a jump of 29 per cent compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, the Honda CB Shine recorded sales of 52,751 units, 14,005 units less than its rival.

It seems that now Hero MotoCorp is all set to take back the leadership position in the 125cc segment which was stolen by the Japanese manufacturer. Not only in the individual motorcycle sales, but overall, Hero sold a total of 1,09,955 units of 125cc motorcycles in April, including Glamour, Super Splendor and Ignitor. The company recorded a hike of 33 per cent in respective segments, compared to last year's sale of 82,298 units in the same month.

On the other hand, Honda has registered a fall of 10.5 per cent from 74,532 units in April 2015 to 66,700 units in April 2016 in the 125cc motorcycle category. The company continues to sell the CB Shine and CBF Stunner in the segment along with the newly entered CB Shine SP.

Hero is the world's largest two-wheeler manufacturer and, if we talk about the motorcycle segment only, the company holds the top 4 positions in the Indian market. Honda is doing well in the scooter segment with its best-selling Activa and some other products; however, it is losing the market in the motorcycle segment.

The scooter market is increasing in the country, however, motorcycle sales is still the deciding factor for the leadership position. Hero is performing outstandingly in the 100-1100cc segment and is aiming to sell a million units of the Glamour annually by FY 2018. So if the Japanese manufacturer wants to take the lead, it needs to work really hard on selling its motorcycles now.

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