Ather 450X vs Ather 450: Differences Explained

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They might look the same but the Ather 450X and 450 are vastly different. We list out the differences

Ather 450X vs Ather 450: Differences Explained

The Ather 450X, the more premium version of the Ather 450 electric scooter, has been launched in India. While both the Ather 450 and 450X look similar, there is a host of differences between the two. Let’s start with the subtle cosmetic differences. 



Ather 450X vs Ather 450: Differences Explained

Both scooters carry the same bodywork but while the Ather 450 comes in just white, the 450X gets two more colours: grey with yellow highlights and cyan with orange highlights. In addition, it gets a 450X logo on the apron and rim tapes that has the recommended tyre pressures printed on them.

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Ather 450X vs Ather 450: Differences Explained

The 450X continues to use the 450’s colour TFT touch screen instrument console but with major changes. For one, the previous Linux operating system has been replaced with an Android OS. It also gets a new, 30 percent faster processor. The 450X too gets over the air updates but now uses a 4G sim instead of the previous 3.5G for better data transfer and quicker updates. Ather has equipped the 450X with Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity so you can now view and receive phone calls and access music control via the touchscreen panel or the left switchgear. It also gets ‘Find My Vehicle’ function and voice assistance. 

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Ather 450X vs Ather 450: Differences Explained

The Ather 450X has a denser battery pack thanks to the use of upgraded battery cells. With the same battery dimensions, the 450X now has a usable battery capacity of 2.61kWh while the previous pack has 2.4kWh. It also gets a new battery management system which helps the battery offer better performance and range. You can check out the entire list of electric scooters and motorcycles sold in India here


Ather 450X

Ather 450

Usable battery capacity



ARAI-certified range










Fast Charging:

Ather 450X vs Ather 450: Differences Explained

Besides a new battery, the Ather 450X also gets a new fast charger that can charge at the rate of 1.45km/min instead of the previous 1km/min. That’s a 45 percent improvement in charging speed. That said, home charging using the 5 amp socket takes longer in the 450X since it has a denser battery pack. The 450X takes 5 hours 45 minutes to fully charge at home, an increase of 15 minutes. 



Ather 450X vs Ather 450: Differences Explained

A more powerful battery pack allows Ather to unlock more power and torque from the electric motor. As a result, the performance is not just better than the 450 but also most conventional powered scooters. In fact, Ather claims that the 450X is the quickest scooter available in the market. The new motor gets a new Warp mode in addition to Eco, Ride and Sport. This new mode is purely for extracting maximum performance. Top speed remains the same 80kmph for both scooters. 



Ather 450X

Ather 450

Aprilia SR 150

TVS NTorq 125


3.29 seconds

3.84 seconds

3.95 seconds

3.68 seconds


6.5 seconds

8.27 seconds

7.9 seconds

7.65 seconds



Ather 450X vs Ather 450: Differences Explained

Ather has managed to shed weight in areas like the frame and electronics package and drop a total of 11kgs. The 450X now weighs 108 kilos. A lighter dashboard also means less steering inertia nad less effort to turn the scooter. While the rest of the underpinnings remain unchanged, Ather is offering fatter 100-section front and 110-section rear TVS Remora tyres as an optional extra for the 450X. 



The Ather 450X can be bought two ways: One is by paying Rs 99,999 (ex-showroom Bengaluru) or Rs 85,000 (ex-showroom Delhi) and depending on the plan, a monthly subscription of Rs 1,699 or Rs 1,999. The second is by paying the whole amount at once. Under this, the Ather 450X with Plus Pack costs Rs 1.49 lakh (Rs 1.35 lakh in Delhi) and the Ather 450X with Pro Pack costs Rs 1.59 lakh (Rs 1.45 lakh in Delhi). 


Plus pack

Pro pack


Rs 1,699 per month

Rs 1,999 per month

Usable battery capacity



Peak power



Maximum torque



Top speed




3.9 seconds

3.4 seconds


65km (Ride), 75km (Eco)

70km (Ride), 85km (Eco)

Fast charging rate



The new subscription packs offer unlimited km warranty and access to future Over The Air Updates. While you don’t pay monthly with the second scheme, you do have to pay for Ather’s subscription packs which start at Rs 3,000 per year. The Ather 450 meanwhile costs Rs 1,13,715, on-road Bengaluru. Like the 450X upfront payment scheme, you have to pay for Ather’s subscription packs.

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