Ather 450 vs Suzuki Access 125: Real-world Numbers Comparison

Published On Jul 3, 2019 By Alpesh Rajpurohit for Ather 450

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How does the ace of e-scooters, the Ather 450, stack up against the most popular 125cc scooter in India, the Suzuki Access 125 in the real world?

With new electric two-wheeler manufacturers popping up in India every now and then, do the good old petrol-powered scooters have something to worry about? We pit the most high-tech e-scooter currently on sale in India, the Ather 450, against the traditional family-oriented scooter, Suzuki Access 125 in our real-world numbers comparison.



Ather 450

Suzuki Access 125







Off the line, the Ather 450 is quicker than the Access 125, but the difference between the two is just 0.06s. However, when it comes to the 0-60kmph runs, the Ather 450 extends its lead by almost 1 second. The Ather 450 could have gained some lead, but given that at 118kg, it is 17kg heavier than the Access 125, these numbers are quite respectable. Additionally, while the Access 125’s top speed is 89kmph (tested), the Ather 450 is electronically limited to 84kmph. 



Ather 450

Suzuki Access 125




We all have been stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle, at least once, getting impatient to get ahead, right? During those situations, the Ather 450 would be a better option. In our tests, the electric scooter managed to go from 20kmph to 50kmph in just 4.04 seconds, which is more than half a second quicker than the Suzuki Access 125. The fact that the electric motor provides torque from the word go, makes the Ather 450 an ace at overtaking manoeuvres.



Ather 450

Suzuki Access 125




Till now, the Ather 450 had a small lead over its petrol-powered counterpart in each test. However, when it comes to braking from 60kmph to a dead stop, the Suzuki Access 125 has a good 2.06m lead over the Ather 450. The e-scooter is equipped with disc brakes at both ends and gets CBS as well, but the braking setup produces more force than the tyres can bear, which isn’t easy to calibrate while riding. Additionally, the rear brake has a tendency to lock up during extreme braking conditions. On a side note, while the front tyre size on the Access 125 is similar to the Ather 450 (90/90-12-inch), the rear wheel size (90/100-10-inch ) is smaller, compared to the e-scooter.


As the Ather 450 was with us for a limited period, we couldn’t test its real-world range. However, the manufacturer claims that the electric scooter will do 65km on Ride mode and 55km on Sport mode. Which, if true, should be just fine for your city runabouts. The Suzuki Access 125, on the other hand, has a fuel efficiency of 51.3kmpl in the city and 52.7kmpl on the highway, which means the scooter can cover around 290km on a full tank.

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