ALL Bajaj Commuters Become More Expensive

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Prices are up by more than Rs 2,300 in some cases

It hasn’t even been a month since the last time Bajaj hiked prices of its commuters, and the Pune-based manufacturer has gone and done it AGAIN. At least one variant each of the CT100, CT110, Platina 100 and Platina 110 H-Gear has seen a price hike, and in some cases it’s quite a steep one: over Rs 2,300. The full breakup is available below:


Old Price

New Price



Rs 41,293 - Rs 48,973

Rs 42,790 - Rs 50,470

Rs 1,497

CT110 KS Alloy

Rs 46,912

Rs 48,410

Rs 1,498

Platina 100 KS Alloy

Rs 47,763

Rs 49,261

Rs 1,498

Platina 110 H-Gear

Rs 60,550

Rs 62,899

Rs 2,349

Bajaj CT100, CT110, Platina Range Price Hiked

These commuter models form the bulk of Bajaj’s sales and having to frequently increase prices like this could hurt the manufacturer’s standing in this extremely price-sensitive segment of the market. These hikes are also quite disappointing since Bajaj has employed an innovative ‘e-carb’ on these bikes to help meet BS6 norms rather than the fuel-injection system that everyone else has opted for. We were hoping that this technology would be more cost-effective but evidently that isn’t the case, seeing as to how the CT100 BS6 now starts at nearly Rs 9,400 more than its BS4 predecessor. In contrast, the Hero HF Deluxe has received fuel-injection and is only Rs 8,000 more expensive than its BS4 version.

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