TVS Wego: Which Colour To Pick

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There are nine colours to choose from, but which one should you pick? Well, allow us to help you out

It might be a tad bit difficult, right? To choose the perfect colour for your brand new TVS Wego. Considering that it’s available in not one but nine paint options, we know it’s quite difficult for anyone to choose the right one. That’s where we step in to introduce you to every colour and help you finalise The One. 

1: White:

Even though the white paint option looks good on the Wego, we won’t recommend it to you for one main reason: it needs the most TLC than any other colour. However, if you have an obsessive need to keep things clean, then you can go for this option. 

2: Grey:

If you want something less flashy, then you can opt for the grey paint option. Moreover, the dual-tone seat and blacked-out treatment on the wheels and the mirrors further accentuate the overall look of the scooter. 

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3: Black:

You can never go wrong with black. However, we would have appreciated if TVS had gone all out with this one and given the Wego a completely matte black paint job. According to us, the red and white stickers on the side panels kind of look tacky. 

4: Blue:

Blue on TVS scooters looks good. Take the Jupiter for example. However, the darker shade of blue on the Wego looks quite striking compared to the Jupiter. So, if we were you, then we would definitely choose the blue paint option from the Wego’s monotone paint options.

5: Red:

Red is the one colour we won’t recommend for the Wego. The red paint option is just too flashy for us, but if you want a vibrant colour, then you can choose the most vibrant option on the list. 

6: Silver and grey:

The TVS Wego is available in four dual-tone paint options. And the primary job of a dual-tone paint scheme is to make a vehicle look premium. But the silver and grey that you see here looks quite dull.

7: Grey and black: 

Did you just see what black can do? Just by adding a pinch of black on the rather dull grey paint, the Wego now looks much better compared to the silver and grey paint option. The red accents on the side and front panels further accentuate its overall appeal. 

8: Red and grey: 

Now, if you are reluctant to choose the red paint option, then we will advise you to go for this dual-tone paint option rather than the vibrant single-tone. However, it still doesn’t top our list. 

9: Blue and grey:

The one which takes the top honours in our list is this: blue and grey. The slightly darker shade of blue comes together rather beautifully with the grey paint. So, there you go: if you want something which is subtle and peppy at the same time, then you can go for this paint option.



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