Five Scooters With External Fuel Filler Caps

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Tired of those pesky underseat fuel filler caps? Here are five scooters with external fillers that’ll make life a lot easier

Isn’t it annoying to get off your scooter everytime you need to refuel just because manufacturers decided to place the fuel cap under the seat rather than having an external one. While most manufacturers continue to do the same, some have moved on to understand the need of the hour. So, here’s a list of five scooters with external fuel filler caps that’ll add a tonne of convenience to your fuel filling experience. Let's see which one takes the most brownie points in terms of convenience? 


1. TVS Wego

Ah, the TVS Wego, the very first scooter from TVS to feature an external filler, an attribute that impressed everyone. Aside from this, the Wego also features an all-digital instrument console. However, it isn’t as informative as its 125cc cousin, the TVS NTorq. It’s actually a pretty good scooter that’s fairly fun to ride as well. But it’s one that hasn’t resonated extremely well with Indian scooter buying audiences - at least not as much as its sibling, the Jupiter. So the Wego gets two brownie points as it was one of the first scooters in the country that offered an external filler cap. 

Base - Rs 52,127

Wego Dual Tone - Rs 53,027


2. TVS Jupiter

There are a couple of reasons why the TVS Jupiter is one of the best-selling scooters in the country. Features like a pass switch, always headlight on (AHO), easy centre stand, a dura cool seat and 3D embossed logos are just some to speak of. However, what makes the Jupiter so special is its external filler cap. Granted, you still need to reach out to the left rear panel to unlock the cap, which is annoying to say the least. But it’s still better than getting off the scooter altogether. We’ll give the Jupiter three brownie points. 

Basic - Rs 51,788 

ZX - 54,736 

ZX Disc - Rs 56,788 

Classic Edition - RS 57,948 

Grande - Rs 55,936 

Grande Disc - Rs 59,648


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3. TVS NTorq 125

Yes, there’s yet another TVS in the list. Ever since its introduction, the TVS NTorq has managed to impress us all with its eager 125cc engine, sporty handling and first-in-class features. The NTorq is the first scooter to get a full TFT display with smartphone connectivity. The console reads out a host of information alongside other features like - incoming call and message alert, turn-by-turn navigation assist, last parked location, 0-60kmph time recorder and much more! If that doesn’t impress you, the NTroq also gets an external filler that sits atop the rear panel and right behind the seat so there’s a lesser chance of fuel spillage. The NTorq then, earns three and a half brownies for itself.

Price - Rs 59,712


4. Hero Maestro Edge 

Designed to appeal to a younger audience, the Maestro Edge looks a lot more muscular than its siblings. The scooter comes with integrated braking, AHO, a semi-digital instrument console, a mobile charging port and boot light, among others. Also, the techno blue, dual-tone rear view mirrors, along with various blacked out components, make the scooter pop. Apart from this, the Maestro also edges past its competition with a neatly tucked away external filler cap. While most people might not notice it at first, it’s covered by a body coloured panel and placed right above the tail light. With the handlebar unlocked, just push the key further in and twist right to pop the panel open to reveal the fuel cap. Smart, ain’t it? We sure think so. We give the Maestro Edge four brownie points for its concealed yet convenient feature.

Price - Rs 50,900 (Drum)

Price - Rs 52,300 (Alloy)


5. Hero Destini 125 - Rs

The Hero Destini may not be as feature rich as the NTorq, but it does have a few tricks of its own. Exhibit A: the brand’s patented i3S (idle-stop-start-system) technology, which also happens to be a segment-first feature. In essence, the i3S system cuts off the engine when it senses it idling for more than five seconds. A simple pull on either of the brake levers and a twist the throttle makes it springs back to life. This improves fuel efficiency and helps reduce emissions as well. Additionally, the scooter also gets an external filler cap like all other scooters in this list. Like the Maestro Edge, the Destini’s cap can be opened via its key fob. No more uneasy yoga stretches while trying to refuel then! It’s safe to say that the 125cc scooter from Hero takes the cake for its convenient features, helping it score four-and-a-half brownie points in our books.

Price - Rs 54,650 (Drum)

Price - Rs 57,500 (Alloy)

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Special Mention - Mahindra SYM Flyte

While those are the top five scooters in production with external fuel fillers, we do have a bonus scooter for you. Guess what, it was the very first scooter in India to get an external fuel filler! What’s more, the Mahindra Flyte had an external cap nestled in the scooters front curtain. Essentially, there was no need to get off the scooter or resort to stretching your body. Most importantly, the Flyte was introduced with this nifty feature way back in 2009. Though the scooter didn’t do well in terms of sales, it’s this one feature that made it really unique.

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