Ather 450X vs TVS iQube Electric vs Bajaj Chetak: Specifications Comparison

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Here’s how Ather’s most advanced scooter compares against its electric rivals

Ather 450X vs TVS iQube vs Bajaj Chetak

Ather’s latest scooter, the 450X, is an evolved Ather 450 and packs in more performance, range and features than its predecessor. How does this new scooter stack up against its immediate rivals, the Bajaj Chetak and TVS iQube? Here’s an on-paper comparison to find the answer. 




  Ather 450X TVS iQube Electric Chetak
Battery capacity 2.61kWh 2.2kWh 3kWh
Range 85km in Eco mode 75km in Eco mode 95km in Eco mode
  70km in Ride mode   85km in Sport mode
Charge time 5 hours 45 minutes - Full charge (5amp socket) 5 hours - Full charge (5amp socket) 5 hours - Full charge (5amp socket)
  1.45km per minute (Fast Charging)   3.5 hours - 80 per cent

The Bajaj Chetak offers the most range owing to its larger battery. The Ather 450X might not have a large battery like the Bajaj Chetak but it uses the same high-spec battery cells used in the Tesla Model 3. That, plus a new battery management system, has allowed Ather the eke out better range than the 450 electric scooter. While the 450X takes more time to charge using the home charging system, it is the only scooter here to get a Fast Charging option. Theoretically, it should be able to fully charge the scooter in an hour, quite helpful if you need to charge your scooter in an emergency. 

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  Ather 450X TVS iQube Electric Chetak
Motor 6kW 4.5kW 4.08kW
Torque 26Nm 140Nm (at the wheel) 16Nm 


Ather 450X vs TVS iQube vs Bajaj Chetak

The new battery update has also allowed Ather to unlock more performance from the 450X’s motor. It makes a lot more power and torque than the competition now. Ather claims the 450X will accelerate from 0-60kmph in 6.5 seconds, which makes it the quickest scooter to be sold in India. After the Ather, it is the TVS iQube, which with its 4.2kW advantage over the Chetak, could be the second quickest scooter here. Bajaj claims that the Chetak’s powertrain is capable of accelerating to 120kmph but has been restricted in the interest of range. 




  Ather 450X TVS iQube Electric Chetak
Front suspension Telescopic Telescopic Trailing link
Rear suspension Monoshock Monoshock Monoshock
Front brake Petal Disc Disc Disc
Rear brake Petal Disc Drum Drum
Wheel size 90/90 12-inch at both ends 12-inch at both ends 90/90 12-inch at both ends

Ather 450X vs TVS iQube vs Bajaj Chetak

Both the Ather and TVS electric scooters get similar suspension components while the Chetak gets an aesthetically pleasing front trailing link. The Ather is the only scooter here to get disc brakes at both ends. All three scooters come with regenerative braking which charges the battery every time you brake from high speed. On the tyre front, all three scooters get similarly specced tyres but the 450X gets optional, fatter TVS Remora tyres. The Ather clearly impresses in terms of the underpinnings with its lightweight trellis frame and use of high-spec components. 



Ather 450X vs TVS iQube vs Bajaj Chetak

The three electric scooters here are packed with premium features including LED lights all around. The Ather packs a 7-inch TFT instrument console with touchscreen controls while the TVS gets a colour display as well. Bajaj has equipped the Chetak with a black and white digital display. Both TVS and Ather get tech like on-screen navigation assist and geo-fencing alerts. The 450X gets 4G sim connectivity with Bluetooth and WiFi assist as well. 

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Pricing (on-road, Bengaluru) Ather 450X TVS iQube Electric Chetak
  Rs 1.49 lakh (Plus Pack) Rs 1.15 lakh (on-road) Rs 1,04,200 (Urbane)
  Rs 1.59 lakh (Pro Pack)   Rs 1,19,279 (Premium)

The Ather 450X’s features come at a price, though. At Rs 1.49 lakh, the Ather 450X is Rs 34,000 and Rs 29,721 more expensive than the iQube and Chetak. If you want more power, more range and the Warp mode, you will have to pay Rs 10,000 more and opt for the Pro pack. Also after payment, you will have to buy one of Ather’s yearly subscription plans to be able to use the scooter. In comparison, the Bajaj Chetak and TVS iCube have a more upfront pricing plan. Also, these scooters will be more easily available across India in the near future thanks to TVS and Bajaj’s vast dealership networks. Meanwhile, if you live in any cities other than Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai or Pune, you might have to wait longer for the 450X. 

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