Jawa, Jawa 42 Dual-Channel ABS: September Waiting Period Revealed

Published On Sep 5, 2019 By Praveen M. for Jawa

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There seems to be no respite from Jawa’s achingly long waiting periods even this month!

  • The waiting period ranges from 6 months to 10 months in some of the major cities in India. 
  • Jawa launched the dual-channel ABS variants back in December 2018.
  • Recently, Jawa had introduced the Delivery Estimator function on its website to let customers know about the delivery status of their bike.

Even nine months after the introduction of the dual-channel ABS versions of the standard Jawa and Jawa Forty Two, the waiting period seems to be unendingly long. Granted the deliveries for the dual-channel ABS variant commenced in July, but even for this month, it ranges from 6 months to a whopping 10 months in certain major cities! Here’s the list:


Waiting periods


7-9 months for both bikes


7-10 months for both bikes


8-10 months for both bikes


9 months for standard Jawa, 6-7 months for Jawa Forty Two


7-9 months for both bikes

In essence, if you book the bike right now, the earliest you’d get the motorcycle would be in March 2020! By that time the Indian two-wheeler market would’ve witnessed several new entrants, including the upcoming 2020 Royal Enfield Classic 350. Such long waiting periods may force customers to look for other options. It was earlier reported that there were issues with the suppliers’ production and looking at the waiting period now, it remains to be seen whether the issue has been sorted out. 

In a bid to make the delivery status more transparent, the cult bikemaker recently introduced the Delivery Estimator on its website. Customers can use this to find out when will they receive the bike at the touch of a button. The dual-channel ABS-equipped standard Jawa is priced at Rs 1.72 lakh whereas the Jawa Forty Two will set you back by Rs 1.63 lakh (both ex-showroom Delhi). Compared to the single-channel ABS variants, they are dearer by Rs 8,942. 

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