Honda CB300R vs BMW G 310 R: Real-world Acceleration, Braking & Mileage Compared

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How does Honda’s CB300R stack up against its German rival in real-world conditions?

When Honda launched the CB300R back in February, the retro-naked motorcycle quickly became the talk of the town because of its mouth-watering price tag of Rs 2.41 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). In fact, it is the cheapest in its segment, undercutting the BMW G 310 R by a whopping Rs 58,000. So, does the baby Beemer justify its higher asking price or are you better off with the CB300R? We have tested both the motorcycles and here’s how they performed in our real-world tests. 

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Honda CB300R

BMW G 310 R


2.94 seconds

3.07 seconds


7.35 seconds

7.47 seconds

It can’t be closer than this, can it? Off the line, to 60kmph, the CB300R is a wee bit quicker than the G 310 R and maintains its lead to 100kmph. Even though the BMW has the horsepower advantage over the Honda, it is not enough to make it go quicker as it weighs 11kg more than the CB300R.



Honda CB300R

BMW G 310 R


4.21 seconds

3.53 seconds


5.15 seconds

4.51 seconds

While there is just a whisker separating the two in outright acceleration, the G 310 R triumphs over the CB300R in roll-ons. The 313cc motor in the G 310 R has a powerful mid-range, which helps it to quickly gain momentum during urban riding conditions. In comparison, the CB300R’s 286cc motor has a fairly linear powerband which does not pack in as much punch as the BMW. 



Honda CB300R

BMW G 310 R







While the G 310 R features a 300mm disc at the front and a 240mm disc at the rear, the CB300R gets smaller discs at both ends (296mm- front, 220mm- rear). Both motorcycles get ABS as standard though. The braking distances are fairly similar with just a metre here and there. There is scope for improvement on both as we felt the BMW could do with better lever feedback while a better initial bite on the Honda could bring stopping distances down. Of course, slapping on a pair of stickier tyres on both should help as well. 

Fuel Efficiency:


Honda CB300R

BMW G 310 R







Out on the highway, both motorcycles are at par, but when it comes to urban conditions, the Honda CB300R is way ahead of the BMW G 310 R. It feels at home chugging along at moderate speeds and zipping through traffic. But the 10-litre fuel tank is something that would bother you as fuel stops might be more frequent.

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