TVS Radeon: Which Colour To Pick

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The humble commuter motorcycle is available in seven colour options, but which one is for you? We find out 

The TVS Radeon is a fantastic commuter motorcycle that can not only serve as a capable workhorse but can also be a great touring machine. We are not making this up, we actually took a Radeon to Goa! So if you are planning to buy one, we would like to inform you that there are eight colour options on offer. So which one should you go for? Scroll down to find out. 

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1: Pearl White: 

Usually, we don’t recommend the white paint option as it needs the most TLC. But in the Radeon’s case, the Pearl White looks absolutely stunning. And small details like the black tank pads and the black sticker that has a fading effect goes well with the overall design of the motorcycle.

2: Grey: 

You can never go wrong with grey. It’s dark, it looks good and it won’t grab as much attention as the other paint options. However, we feel TVS could have gone all out and removed the white stickers and chrome from the bodywork. 

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3: Red: 

By now, you might have seen commuter motorcycles with red paint options. But what TVS has done is chose a darker shade of red and turned it to 100 per cent. Once you are a riding a vibrant-red Radeon, we think a lot of heads will be turned… not for the good reasons though. 

4: Chrome Brown: 

TVS’ designers are pretty brave when it comes to deciding the colour options. It’s not very often that we see Chrome Brown on the list. If your New Year resolution is to go bold, then you can go for the shiny brown colour, but if want something subtle…

5: Beige:

… then you can go for the beige paint scheme. We don’t generally advise picking beige for your two-wheeler, but it’s way better than the brown option. Moreover, it’s easy on the eyes as well. 

6: Purple: 

Coming in at second place for ‘the most absurd colour options’ is the purple paint option. However, we think TVS could have pulled this off if it hadn’t brought the chrome exhaust muffler into the picture. 

7: Black: 

You can never go wrong with this one. Black is that one colour that looks good on every two-wheeler, no matter their size or shape. TVS offers two version of the black paint - Metal Black and Chrome Black - both of which look almost similar to each other. The only difference between the two is the decals and a light brown seat cover. So, if you want to choose either one of them, then you can go with Metal Black. 



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