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Simple One vs Ather 450X Gen 3: Photo Comparison

Modified On Jul 22, 2022 09:15 PM By Bernard Mascarenhas for Simple One

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Here’s how the newest kid on the block fares visually against its established rival in 8 images

Simple One vs Ather 450X Gen3: Photo Comparison

The Ather 450X has been around for a while, and its sharp looks have grown on us. When Simple entered the electric scooter foray with the One, numerous aesthetic parallels were drawn to the 450X. However, a year after the One’s launch, Simple has visually refreshed its e-scoot. Here’s how it compares to Ather’s updated 450X Gen 3.

The Simple One is visually very appealing. The edgy apron features LED indicators that are integrated into the small winglets. Then there’s the chrome finish inside the headlight unit which brings out the premiumness of the scooter. The Ather 450X Gen 3, on the other hand, features the same sporty design with aggressive lines as the previous model, but doesn’t look too outrageous either.

Both e-scooters feature LED headlights, but the Simple One sports a more sophisticated and a rather cool-looking setup. The twin headlight setup on the apron with two pairs of DRLs on the bikini cowl look menacing, especially when compared to the elongated unit on the Ather 450X. Even though the Ather gets DRLs and integrated indicators, it doesn’t really grab eyeballs.

Both the Ather and Simple are loaded with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a premium electric scooter. They both sport a 7-inch TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity and navigation. Riders can also control music or accept calls through a toggle button on the switchgear.

The Simple One and Ather 450X use mid-mounted permanent magnet motors with a belt drive. However the Simple’s 4.5kW motor develops a peak power of 8.5kW and 72Nm, while the Ather’s 3.3kW motor produces a peak power of 6.2kW and 26Nm. 

The Simple One gets a fixed battery pack and removable battery pack for a total combined total capacity of 4.8kWh and the claimed real world range is an impressive 203km on a single charge, while there are four ride modes on offer as well. 

The Ather, on the other hand, has a claimed real world range of 105km on a single charge from a 3.7kWh battery pack. The Simple’s battery pack takes 2.45 hours to charge from 0 to 80 per cent, while it takes 4.30 hours for the Ather’s battery to charge from 0-80 per cent.

The Simple One boasts of a 30-litre under-seat storage. However, this storage space is reduced if the second battery is installed. Thanks to the underbody battery placement on the Ather, it gets a 22-litre underseat storage, while there’s also an option of using a 18-litre tail bag and 5-litre apron bag.

Underpinnings on both the scooters are similar, with telescopic front fork and a progressive monoshock at the rear. Braking hardware too is similar on both scooters in the form of 200mm front and 190mm rear discs, along with grippy MRF Nylogrip Zapper N tyres. Both scooters get the safety net of a combination braking system.

While the Ather 450X Gen 3 is priced at Rs 1,39,005, the Simple One carries a price tag of Rs 1,09,999 (all prices On-Road Delhi including FAME II subsidy and State EV subsidy). The Ather is already on sale while deliveries of the Simple will start from September.

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