Okinawa Ridge Plus, i-Praise Electric Scooters Get Fame-II Incentives

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The Ridge Plus and i-Praise receive a subsidy of Rs 17,000 and Rs 26,000 respectively.

  • Ridge Plus and i-Praise earlier attracted a subsidy of Rs 22,000 under FAME-I.
  • The Ridge Plus costs Rs 72,890 while the i-Praise is priced from Rs 1.14 lakh (both prices ex-showroom Pune).
  • Both scooters feature a lithium-ion battery.
  • Ridge Plus has a claimed range of 90-100km on a single charge.
  • The i-Praise has a claimed range of 160-180km per charge.

The Okinawa Ridge Plus and i-Praise are now among the first scooters in India to benefit from the FAME-II scheme. The former gets a subsidy of Rs 17,000, while benefits for the latter stand at Rs 26,000, thanks to a bigger battery pack that delivers higher range. In order to qualify for the FAME-II scheme, each scooter must have a top speed of atleast 40kmph, while offering a range of more than 80km on a single charge. Secondly, these scooters must feature 50 per cent localisation and a lithium-ion battery.

Earlier, the Ridge Plus and the Ridge Plus GPS were priced at Rs 69,988 and Rs 76,499 respectively with a FAME-I subsidy of Rs 22,000. However, since these scooters feature a smaller 1.75kwh lithium-ion battery, they now qualify for a lower Rs 17,000 subsidy under the FAME-II plan. As a result, the Ridge Plus gets a price hike of around Rs 2900 which pushes the price or Rs 72,890 , while the GPS variant gets a price bump of around Rs 2,800 and now retails at Rs 79,290. 

Powering the Ridge Plus is an 800W brushless motor paired to a 1.75kWh lithium-ion battery. The scooter has a claimed range of 90-100km on a single charge and can be fully charged within 2-3 hours. In terms of performance, the Ridge Plus is claimed to have a top speed of 55kmph. It gets electronically assisted drum brakes aided by regenerative braking. The Ridge Plus gets features like central locking, anti-theft alarm system, keyless entry and “Find My Scooter” functionality.

On the other hand, the i-Praise which earlier attracted a subsidy of Rs 22,000 as per the FAME-I plan, retailed for Rs 1.15 lakh for the small disc variant and Rs 1.18 lakh for the big disc model. However, thanks to a bigger 2.9kwh lithium-ion battery, it now qualifies for a higher Rs 26,000 subsidy. Consequently, the two scooters receive a slightly lower price of Rs 1.14 lakh and 1.16 lakh respectively (all prices ex-showroom Pune).

The i-Praise is powered by a 1000W BLDC motor paired with a detachable 2.9kWh lithium-ion battery. It delivers a company claimed range of around 160-180km on a single charge and a top speed of 70-75kmph. Both the e-scooters have an integrated GPS system which tracks vital parameters of the scooter via the Okinawa app available on the Google Play store. 

Hopefully, the subsidies will encourage buyers to opt for electric scooters instead of petrol-powered ones. 

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