Honda Activa 6G, Activa 125 Prices Increased

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Planning to buy the Honda Activa? Here’s how much you will have to spend now

Price hike seems to be the flavour of the 2021 season for two-wheeler brands. It started with KTM-Husqvarna, later Hero MotoCorp, and now its arch-nemesis, Honda. The Japanese brand has increased prices across the range but in this article, we shall be focusing on its most important product: the Honda Activa family. Also Read: Honda H’ness CB350 Price Increased


New Price 

Old Price 


Activa 6G STD

Rs 66,799

Rs 65,892

Rs 907

Activa 6G 20th Year Anniversary STD

Rs 68,299

Rs 67,392

Rs 907

Activa 6G Deluxe

Rs 68,544

Rs 67,392

Rs 1,152

Activa 6G 20th Year Anniversary Deluxe

Rs 70,044

Rs 68,892

Rs 1,152

Activa 125 Drum

Rs 70,629

Rs 69,470

Rs 1,159

Activa 125 Drum Alloy

Rs 74,198

Rs 72,970

Rs 1,228

Activa 125 Disc

Rs 77,752

Rs 76,471

Rs 1,281

As you can see in the above table, the price hike for the Honda Activa 6G ranges from Rs 907 to Rs 1,152. As for the Honda Activa 125, the max price bump is Rs 1,281. Honda hasn’t clarified the reason for the price hike, but we think like other brands, input costs have risen owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most two-wheeler brands were absorbing the costs to drive sales. With two-wheeler sales increasing with every passing month, brands have hiked the prices of their products to offset the additional cost. Also Read - Honda Activa 6G Road Test

On the positive side for Honda, Activa has crossed the 2.5 crore sales milestone. This makes the Honda Activa range the highest-selling scooter in India and among the most popular in the world. It’s a well-known fact that the Honda Activa single-handedly saved the scooter segment from going extinct in India. 

Its versatile nature, reliability, ease of use, and decent fuel efficiency have been the key to its success. What’s even more impressive is that Honda took 15 years to cross the 1 crore sales landmark, while the next 1.5 crore units were sold in just the past five years! Interested in Honda’s upcoming two-wheeler offerings for 2021? Check out all the details here. 

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