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Yamaha Fascino
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Bike Discontinued in Mar, 2020

The untold Knight

The untold Knight

If you are reading this review, it means you want to do something out of the box and be different from others which is what exactly I kept in mind while planning to buy this for my mother. Although it has been purchased for my mother I always test the vehicle personally for giving the most accurate suggestion to anyone else.

**Disclaimer: Long and Detailed review ahead, please hold patience to read it for a good decision.

I would break my bike review into 3 parts namely Pro's; Con's; Neutral/Variable points.

Let's start

I would always like to begin with


- Stylish looks: Classy retro styling most suitable for classic people who like classy bike and scooters like Vespa (I myself consider it has a budget version of Vespa)

- Stability: the scooter is very mich stable considering other scooters (I literally drove 80% of scooters from all my friends and have TVS Jupiter with myself)

- Engine smoothness: Buddy this is one of the best engines from Yamaha with a very smooth drive with very low vibration when compared to other options. You won't realize when the engine went up to 65.

- Height: Although the ground clearance of this scooter is low among segment still it doesn't have any issues and I personally feel 10 MM difference in the ground doesn't matter in daily city life because we aren't going to have an off-road challenge with this.Coming to the main point height, this scooter is perfect for ladies with height up to 5'10" with the great seating position.

- Big storage compartment: It has one of the biggest (in length) under-seat storage I have seen.

- Fuel economy: As we know that the most common number for mileage of the scooter is 40-45 KMPL. While mine is giving 48-53 KMPL with my mother's driving.

Now we have


- Braking: I personally feel that Yamaha should have gone with Front disc option. Although the 2019 model (mine) have Sync technology braking, it doesn't give that confidence of safe braking.

- Features : I think Yamaha didn't use available resources properly because this scooter lack many features like Light dipper option (Like TVS Jupiter); Kill switch (should have used empty space from removal of headlight switch); Light in under-seat storage; External fuel filling (they have completely avoided and wasted such space in rear portion) ; Stand indicator (they have a lot of space left on deck). Giving at least half of these will surely boost sales of this.

- Front storage instead of a hook: I feel the small compartment they gave below key switch is completely useless with very small unable to fit even a proper half-liter bottle. They should have gone with front hook integrated to the body so that one carries basic items like fruits. I personally made one from hard plastic.

- Rear Visibility: Mirrors need to be improved. They considered styling leading to poor visibility.

And finally

Neutral / Variable points :

- Handling: I put this in neutral because of the handling difficult for a person with a height more than 6 feet or with long legs. Apart from this, I would pit handling in Pro department for its smooth handling performance.

- Speed: If you are a person looking for a high-speed performance then I don't think its for you. I felt my TVS Jupiter (2015) goes very much speed. but I feel such engine give more life due to low rough usage.

- Pick up: Although it's good enough you might be using much due to lack of confidence in quick braking in case of an emergency. I felt pickup was equal to many others.

- Suspension: Suspension is doing it works good but I feel work to be done to give better comfort. Still its on good side.

That's it, guys.

This is my review on Yamaha Fascino which I brought primarily for my mother. I would very much recommend this scooter if it gives more confidence in Braking system. I hope any R&D guys of Yamaha see my review and take it head and improve the neutral points and eliminate Con's.

** Disclaimer 2: I highly recommend anyone to have a personal test drive and also get the primary user of vehicle a test drive because everyone has there own taste and opinions. The co-ordination can be only tested during a test drive. Some may like while may not. It's not a mobile which can be changed next year. It's a bond between driver and vehicle, it can be successful on the confidence of driving with comfort, pride and safety.

That's it guys, I hope I gave a clear and honest review of the vehicle and you like it.

With a smile,


By srikrishna edara
On: Jul 30, 2019 | 2435 Views

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