Yamaha MT-15 vs TVS Apache RTR 200: Real-World Performance Comparison

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Does the MT-15’s Rs 24,655 premium over the RTR 200 really get you better performance? Here’s what the real-world numbers have to say.  

The Yamaha MT-15 is the latest entrant in the sub-200cc naked streetfighter segment and has a lot to prove. Though the bike is considered to belong in the 160cc segment, its potent engine and equipment list is good enough to keep up with a segment above its own. So it’s only fair to put it up against one of the best 200cc bikes we have to find out just how good the bike really is. Does its Rs 24,655 premium over the Apache RTR 200 really get you better performance? Here’s what the real-world numbers have to say. 




Yamaha MT-15

TVS RTR 200 Race 2.0 ABS (carb)


4.21 seconds

4.53 seconds


12.08 seconds

13.29 seconds

Interestingly, the MT-15 is slightly quicker off the line and increases its lead over the RTR 200 to a little over a second while hitting the 100kmph mark. What works in Yamaha’s favour is its 11kg weight advantage over the RTR 200, which makes a world of a difference in small performance bikes like these. Also, thanks to VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) the Yami offers better bottom end grunt without compromising on top-end performance.




Yamaha MT-15

TVS RTR 200 Race 2.0 ABS (carb)


5.31 seconds

5.8 seconds


6.48 seconds

7.6 seconds

The shorter 3rd gear on the RTR 200 gives it a slight advantage in our 30-70kmph test. However, the glory is short-lived as the MT-15 is quick to pounce back with a faster 4th gear acceleration time. Thanks to VVA the engine shifts to a different cam timing post 7,400rpm and offer better top-end performance. 




Yamaha MT-15

TVS RTR 200 Race 2.0 ABS (carb)







While the difference in braking distance doesn’t seem like much, it could be quite crucial during emergency situations. The RTR 200’s dual-channel ABS setup clearly shows its superiority as it manages to stop the bike quicker than the MT-15, which gets single-channel ABS. More importantly, it manages to do so on a bike that’s 11kg heavier than the MT-15. 


Fuel Efficiency:


Yamaha MT-15

TVS RTR 200 Race 2.0 ABS (carb)







The MT-15’s engine is more tractable and doesn’t need to be revved hard to get the most out of it. Plus you have an extra cog at your disposal that offers better cruising capabilities out on the highway. The RTR 200, on the other hand, does perform decently well for a 200cc motorcycle. However, what works against it is its shorter gearing and the lack of a 6th gear. 

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