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TVS Apache RR 310 BS6 vs TVS Apache RR 310 BS4: Real-world Numbers Comparison

Modified On Jun 28, 2020 By Jehan Adil Darukhanawala for TVS Apache RR 310

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How have the BS6 updates affected the performance and mileage of the flagship TVS product?

TVS took extra initiatives to improve its flagship motorcycle -- the Apache RR 310 -- as not only is it cleaner in terms of emissions but it gets loads of new updates. The RR 310 has become a lot more likeable than its predecessor, which was touted to be the best do-it-all sport motorcycle. We are highly impressed with what the bike has become now and you can head here to read all about how the new bike performs in the real world. But compared to its outgoing model, how different are the actual performance numbers?



TVS Apache RR 310 BS6

TVS Apache RR 310 BS4


3.03 seconds

2.86 seconds


7.31 seconds

7.00 seconds

Even though it still is going to end up losing to the KTM RC 390 in a straight line, TVS has made sure that the new BS6 RR 310 doesn’t end up lagging behind the older bike greatly. The engine outputs are the same, it has now received ride-by-wire and the fueling is more precise. It has gained 4kg in the process. The difference is hardly felt and you wouldn’t notice it much even if you were going to ride the two bikes back-to-back.



TVS Apache RR 310 BS6

TVS Apache RR 310 BS4

30-70kmph in 3rd gear

4.07 seconds

3.54 seconds

40-80kmph in 4th gear

5.22 seconds

4.48 seconds

This is one of the biggest areas where the BS6 bike is affected. The power delivery is a lot more linear and the bike feels a lot smoother. And to add 4kg, the BS6 bike does turn out to be slightly slower in comparison to the old one. The difference again, isn’t apparent. The engine has a healthy dose of mid-range grunt, enabling you to swiftly get past traffic. 



TVS Apache RR 310 BS6

TVS Apache RR 310 BS4







There is no change in braking hardware but what has changed are the tyres. The new Michelin Road 5 tyres are one of the best new bits on the BS6 RR 310. These soft compound tyres are remarkably better than the older bike’s Pilot Sport rubber. And that shows in the braking performance, the BS6 RR 310 managing to stop 6m earlier from 80kmph. The bike also feels a lot more sure footed when braking hard, all credit to the new tyres. 

Fuel Efficiency:


TVS Apache RR 310 BS6

TVS Apache RR 310 BS4







Thanks to the inclusion of ride-by-wire, TVS has given the RR 310 four riding modes: Track, Sport, Urban and Rain. In the former two, you get the full potential of the 34PS and 27.3Nm while the motor is restricted to 25.8PS and 25Nm in the latter two. You would say that it needn’t be dumbed down but what TVS has done is improved the torque response in the lower revs in the Urban mode. This has improved its city fuel efficiency figure.

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