Royal Enfield Meteor 350: Which Colour To Pick?

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The Meteor gets variant-wise single and dual-tone colours. We help you decide between the 15 paint schemes on offer

Royal Enfield recently launched the Meteor 350 in three variants: Fireball, Stellar and Supernova. Each variant gets a host of stock colours as well as custom colours which cost around Rs 2,075 more. Here we explain the colours each variant gets and which one should you go for:

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Meteor 350 Fireball 

Stock colours:


The Meteor Fireball gets two stock colours: Fireball Red and Fireball Yellow. These bright colours are similar to the ones seen on the Thunderbird 350X. You can’t go wrong with either.


Custom colours:


Royal Enfield offers five custom colours for the Meteor Fireball variant: Fireball White, Fireball Grey Fireball Green, Fireball Brown and Fireball Black. While we liked the stock colours better, if we had to choose between the custom offerings, we would go for the Fireball Black paint scheme. 

Meteor 350 Stellar

Stock colours:


The Stellar variant gets a satin finish instead of gloss on the Fireball variant. It gets three stock colours: Stellar Blue, Stellar Red and Stellar Black. Of these colours, we feel the Stellar Red looks more royal than the others while the Stellar Blue comes a close second. 

Custom colours:


The Meteor Stellar variant also gets a custom paint job in the form of Stellar Pure Black. The glossy paint job is complemented by glossy black accents. 

Meteor 350 Supernova variant

Stock colours:


The Supernova variant gets two stock dual-tone colours: Supernova Brown and Supernova Blue. While the blue option offers a nice contrasting shade of light blue, we like the coffee brown shade as it makes the motorcycle look more premium. 

Custom colours:


There are two custom colours on offer: Supernova Silver Custom and Supernova Beige Custom. Of the two, our pick would have to be the beige colour option which has more of a retro vibe.



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