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Royal Enfield Hunter 350, Classic 350 And Meteor 350: Which One For Whom?

Modified On Aug 11, 2022 10:56 AM By Ishan Lee for Royal Enfield Hunter 350

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Three motorcycles on the new ‘J’ platform, which one is for whom?

Rice is a versatile grain. You can enjoy it in the traditional way, make rotis out of it and even create dessert with it. The new ‘J’ platform from Royal Enfield, that has given us three motorcycles, is proving to be as resourceful as rice. Built primarily for the Classic 350, it underpins all the essentials you want and expect from an Enfield, but has enough versatility to offer different flavours.

For instance, the Meteor 350, same carbs, different intake and now, we have the Hunter 350, the Kheer. Because dessert is more universal than rice and roti. So, let’s have a look at which one’s more you - Rice, Roti or Kheer!

Just like Rice:

The Classic 350 is the staple as rice for a traditional Royal Enfield enthusiast. The motorcycle now marries the old classic design to a new platform for an almost revolutionary Royal Enfield experience on the road. It demands that relaxed approach to riding that you’d expect from a traditional Enfield and with multiple colour options and a whole gamut of GMA(Genuine Motorcycle Accessories), personalising one is super simple.    

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Rice flour Roti:

Made from rice, quicker to eat and satisfies one’s hunger differently; exactly how you’d describe the Meteor 350. This cruiser has the same DNA, but a very different personality thanks to a different state of tune. Therefore, riding enthusiastically is what the Meteor does better than the Classic 350.

That said, the Meteor is a cruiser with traditional forward-set foot pegs, so it too demands sedate riding. This J-series bike is a mile-muncher and with its vast GMA catalogue, customising this cruiser makes it an exciting and youthful proposition.

Dessert is for everyone:

You can hate rice and roti, but it’s hard to hate dessert, right? In comes the new Hunter 350. This motorcycle aims to invite newer riders to the world of Royal Enfield without the heaviness of tradition or commitment of cruising. The frame has been reworked to make the wheelbase 20mm shorter, rake a degree sharper than the Classic 350, and most importantly, the motorcycle lighter (at 181kg kerb).

It runs on 17-inch rims, making the roadster one of the approachable and urban-friendly Enfield’s one can buy today. And despite being the most affordable J-series motorcycle, it too gets an extensive list of accessories.


To sum up, if you are someone who loves tradition but requires the reliability of modern engineering, the Classic 350 is the way to go. But, if you’re a cruiser kinda guy who likes a bit of fun in everyday life too, the Meteor 350 is a better bet. And if you just want a cool and youthful daily rider without burning a big hole through your wallet or are starting your motorcycle journey, the Hunter 350 is the one to pick.

Prices for the Classic, Meteor and Hunter start at Rs 1,90,092, Rs 2,01,253 and Rs 1,49,900, respectively (all prices are ex-showroom Delhi).

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