Honda Activa H-Smart vs Activa Std: Compared In 12 Pics

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A visual ready reckoner of the new bits Honda has introduced on the Activa H-Smart

Honda recently launched an all-new variant of the Activa, dubbed the Activa H-Smart. So what exactly is new? Let’s find out in this side-by-side visual comparison with the base model.

Brand New Colour

The very first change on the Activa H-Smart is the new Pearl Siren Blue colour, which replaces the Matte Magnificent Copper colour found on the standard model. The remaining four colours (Mat Axis Grey, Decent Blue, Rebel Red, and Pearl Precious White) are carried over unchanged.  

Alloy Wheels

Look closer, and you’ll realise that the H-Smart variant gets alloy wheels, a distinct step over the standard model’s pressed steel units. That said, the design has been borrowed from the ones on the Honda Activa 125. But unlike the 125cc scooter, the Activa H-Smart still makes do with a drum brake up front; a massive missed opportunity, we believe.

Instrument cluster

Now, you’ll need the smart key – as well as a keen eye – to notice this subtle change. Approach the scooter with the smart key activated, and the key-shaped proximity sensor on the bottom left of the instrument cluster will flash!

Now, this is definitely a path-breaking change from Honda, considering the Activa H-Smart is the first 110cc scooter with proximity sensors (and a key fob). However, we still believe Honda could have dedicatedly redesigned the console, rather than integrating the smart key prompt into an otherwise unchanged analogue instrument cluster, as ‘just another tell-tale light’.

Redesigned Multifunction Switch

Like the previous change, this one too needs you to have the smart key on you. Now, while the standard Activa required slotting in the key and twisting it for the various functions, the H-Smart does the same via a knob. That said, opening the fuel filler lid or the seat requires you to first twist the knob, and then press the same switch that’s there on the standard Activa. So on second thought, that’s still the same number of steps for the same outcome.

OBD 2 Port

Now this is one change that cannot be discerned visually. That’s because though the engine on the Activa H-Smart stays virtually unchanged in terms of specs, it is now OBD-2 compliant. This is in tune with the new emission norms slated to come into effect from April 1, 2023. As per these norms, vehicles will have to comply with emission regulations in real time, and not just in laboratory conditions.


The Activa H-Smart retails at Rs 80,537, which is Rs 6,001 more than the standard variant (Rs 74,536) and Rs 3,501 more than the Activa DLX (Rs 77,036) (all prices ex-showroom Delhi). Now, we believe it’s a fair premium given the features on offer, though we’d love to hear your views. So do tell us what you think in the comments, and while you’re at it, do subscribe to our YouTube channel as well!

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