Best Used Scooters In India: Honda Activa 5G, TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Access 125 And More

Published On May 6, 2020 By Gaurav Sadanand for Honda Activa 5G

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Here’re our top five picks that excel in terms of reliability, build quality and value for money 

The prices of scooters have been skyrocketing in India thanks to the introduction of government safety norms and strict BS6 emissions. This inflation in prices has made it difficult for budget-oriented buyers to bag a good deal. But you can always work around this IF you don’t mind getting your hands on slightly used scooters. Yes, we’re talking about the second hand market which still has a number of reliable scooters. And since your choices are aplenty once you look at this market, we’ve rounded up the top five that offer the best bang for your buck to make things easier.

Honda Activa 5G:

The Activa 5G has been a veteran in the 110cc scooter space and the best selling scooter in the market for a long time, topping the list by a huge margin. It’s well built, has a reliable engine, comfortable to ride and overall a very likeable scooter. If you’re thinking of getting one, you can pick up a 2018-19 model from the second-hand market for around Rs 49,000 - Rs 55,00. And if you do your research, you could get one that’s done between 4,500km to 8,000km. You’d end up saving a ton of money compared to the Activa 6G which gets a starting ex-showroom price of Rs 64,464.

The only issue you should keep an eye out for is the spring-loaded front suspension setup on the 5G which tends to wear out pretty soon in our Indian road conditions. 

TVS Jupiter BS4:

The TVS Jupiter is also an excellent option here. It’s one of the best scooters to ride thanks largely to its suspension setup, especially its front telescopic fork which soaks up bumps without throwing a fit. Built quality is top notch and you even get alloy wheels instead of the steel rims seen on the Activa 5G. There’s really nothing to dislike here. Everything fits in perfectly well and you could pick one up in the used market for around Rs 44,000 to Rs 49,000 (2018-19 models). You could find deals on models that’ve done as low as just a couple of thousand kilometres to some that have put in about 10,000. 

If you were to buy the new TVS Jupiter BS6, it would set you back by Rs 62,062 (ex-showroom Delhi). That’s a lot of dough.  

Yamaha Fascino 110 BS4:

Yamahas are known to be good handling scooters, and built to last a lifetime. The Fascino is one such example. Its neo-retro lines make it an interesting proposition for those looking for something unique in the segment. The Japanese heart running the scooter is reliable and has character. While it isn’t the most powerful engine, it's definitely one of the most frugal units. If you do some digging, you can get one for around Rs 45,000. These are 2018 models that have run between 3,000km to 8,000km. 

You could always buy a brand new Yamaha Fascino 125-Fi, but in that case you’d end up spending Rs 69,730 plus RTO and insurance costs. 

Yamaha RayZR 110 BS4:

If you’re looking for something a bit quirky, you could always look at the BS4 Yamaha RayZR. Yes, they are hard to find, especially the good ones. But if you look hard enough you could bag one that’s done about 12,000km for around Rs 35,000 (2018 model). It uses the same engine as the Fascino, so no issues there. The scooter looks trendy, comes in various paint schemes and rides extremely well. You’d end up saving well over Rs 30,000 compared to the RayZR 125-Fi model which retails at 66,730 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Suzuki Access 125 BS4:

Last but not the least, we have the BS4 Access 125, one of the best scooters we’ve ridden till date. It’s comfortable, powerful and runs a butter-smooth 125cc engine that’ll last you for ages. You have a couple of practical bits as well like cubby holes in the front apron and a USB charging port. There are single-tone and dual-tone colours to choose from depending on the variant. And if you’re a sucker for retro designs, the Access 125 won’t disappoint. In the used market, a good 2018 model Access 125 retails between Rs 46,000 to Rs 55,000. Look for the lowest possible mileage. The ones we found had run between 5,000km and 12,000km. You could probably do better. 

You’d also save a good deal of money compared to the Suzuki Access 125 BS6 which costs between Rs 69,100 and Rs 70,800 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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