Ather Rolls Out New OTA Updates For The Ather 450

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Updates include new features, vehicle enhancements and bug fixes

  • Over the air (OTA) updates enable Ather to remotely push out small upgrades in order to improve the scooter.
  • New features include a guide-me-home light, the option to save daily routes to favourites, reduced screen brightness for a comfortable night ride and much more!
  • Apart from this, the charging cable now only unlocks itself only when the key is turned on. 

The Ather 450 is currently the most feature-packed scooter one could lay their hands on in the Indian market. For a broader perspective, the e-scooter packs a 7-inch touchscreen console smartphone connectivity, navigation assist, vehicle charging point tracker and GPS navigation via Google Maps. That said, what makes the Ather 450 ever so special is the ecosystem the brand has built around it. This includes well-planned charging stations, experience centres, and over the air (OTA) updates. OTA updates enable Ather to remotely push out small upgrades in order to improve the scooter over time. Convenient, ain’t it?

The last such update from the company addressed the Ather 450’s navigation and range concerns. This time around, the updates revolve around new features, vehicle enhancements and bug fixes. To elaborate, the scooter now features a nifty guide-me-home light, the option to save your daily routes to favourites, reduced screen brightness for a comfortable night ride and much more! Another safety feature includes the charging connector which now unlocks itself only when the key is turned on. This reduces the chances of theft and someone messing around with the scooter.

We’d request you to have a look at the press release mentioned below to better understand the most recent updates for the  Ather 450.


Press Release:

Bringing owners' suggestions alive, one by one!


Every few months we have been putting together the most important updates for the 450 and pushing them out over-the-air.

With every new Over the Air (OTA) update we are improving the scooters and exploring its potential by using technology and user feedback to enhance the riding experience. What we have in store are a list of new exciting additions to the 450.

Brand new features

  • Parking Guide-me-home light for dimly lit parking spaces.
  • Navigation Option to save work/home as a favorite.
  • Two new trip meters Now owners can analyze their trips their way.
  • Safety Alerts Real-time notifications related to starting the vehicle, charging, battery, thermals, etc.

Vehicle enhancements 

  • % of charge Apart from the km left they will be able to see the percentage too.
  • Dashboard reorganized for a better user interface.
  • Reduced screen brightness for a comfortable night ride.
  • Tap to see Tyre pressure info on the dashboard

Bug fixes

  • Charger fan turned off at a high state of charge to reduce noise while charging.
  • Motor fan noise reduced while riding at lower speeds.
  • Charger lock Now the charging connector will unlock only when the key is turned ON.
  • Docs on the dashboard The documents will appear clearer and can be zoomed in.

Brand new features

Guide-me-home light

Here’s a cool new feature. Many cars have it; finally, a scooter can boast of it too.

Now the headlamp of the 450 will stay on for 20 secs after the key is turned OFF to help riders find their way out of a dimly lit parking spot. This will be enabled by default with the update; they can choose to switch it OFF/ON through the ‘Settings’ tab on the dashboard.

Note: Currently, this setting will return to default whenever the vehicle is shut down. It will be fixed in the future update.

Save Work/Home location

Most of owners wanted this feature and now they have it. Riders will be able to access their work/home location right on the dash. The work/home location can be added through the mobile app as well. They will be able to use this feature from early next week, once they update the Ather app to the latest version.

Two new Trip Meters

Different riders may want to analyze the trip differently. So in addition to the auto trip meter that ends the trip after 7 mins of turning OFF the key, we have added two new trip meters (Rolls up to 999 km)

Now, owners can manually reset both - the Trip meter A and B and can use them simultaneously too. So, start the trip A and reset it when you want to end it - at the end of one round trip or maybe at the end of the day. Simultaneously, 450 owners can keep running the trip B for the entire week or more.

The trip meters can also be managed via the Ather app..

Vehicle alerts on the dashboard

Making safety even tighter. Precautionary notifications and alerts will now be prompted on the dashboard screen to keep rides safe and secure. If there is an error shown during the ride, stop by, read the pop-up, and take the suggested action.

  • Gist of alerts
  • High-temperature alerts when the system needs some cooling down
  • Low battery
  • Charging error and next step if any during charging
  • Critical error when they must get in touch with customer support 
  • Dashboard Enhancements

All that’s fixed and improved for a better user experience.

State of Charge in %

In addition to the projected/estimated distance left, the riding screen will also show the % of charge left in the battery, during the ride.  Similar to the mobile phone and laptops. This will help develop owners' own quick analysis and alter riding behaviour.

Reduced screen brightness

We have been receiving a lot of requests from Ather owners to reduce the minimum brightness of the dashboard at night. This new update takes care of this, in the new version, the minimum brightness has been lowered and we will continue to improve this based on owners’ preference. There are obviously more things on our wish list like the dark mode, but these are still some time away.

Tap for the tyre pressure info

We have been constantly getting questions regarding the tyre pressure numbers. The prescribed number are now just a tap away. 

Dashboard re-organized

We have reorganized the home screen for a better user interface. The shut down option will now be more prominent.

In addition, the user can enable/disable features such as guide-me-home light and real-time efficiency indicator through the Settings tab. 


The bug fixes

Charger fan noise

We have disabled the fan at high state of charge, wherever it seemed unnecessary, thus resolving the issue for owners' who didn't want it ON so often. 

Motor fan noise

Some of them were experiencing the motor fan noise at low speed, this issue has been taken care of too. 

Charging connector

Now the charging connector will unlock only when the key is turned ON, even if the home point or cable is powered OFF.

Docs on dashboard

The documents stored in the dash will now be clearer. Additionally, they can be zoomed into and out of as well. 

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