Weird Flex: Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 Trying To Be An Indian Scout

Modified On Oct 4, 2020 04:13 PM By Zaran Mody for Indian Scout

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It even has a V-twin engine! Well, sort of…

Some of us are content with what we have, and there are others who hope and dream for more. Some of us manage to achieve these dreams, and there are others that have to compromise. Some of us manage to pull off the compromise with grace, and then there is this Thunderbird 350 trying to be an Indian Scout.

If we hadn’t told you what bike this was underneath, you probably wouldn’t have been able to guess, because even the RE thumper has been hidden away behind fake V-twin engine casings. One thing you will be able to guess is that this monstrosity has probably been created by someone who’s never actually seen a Scout in the flesh. The rear fender is more Intruder 150 than Scout, there is no horizontally-inclined shock (not even a fake one), and the angle of the exhaust pipes is all wrong.

Of course, the fender needs to look that way because it’s trying to wrap itself around a tyre that would look more at home attached to a vehicle with the word ‘Caterpillar’ on it. Credit where it’s due, the headlight cowl and fuel tank could pass off as the real deal... if your blood alcohol content is in double digits or you’re suffering from a concussion.

In all seriousness, quite a lot of effort and craftsmanship has gone into this motorcycle. The makers have gone to the extent of slapping on double discs up front and cutting a hole in the ‘radiator’ to allow the air-cooled engine to, well, cool. Heck, they even constructed an entire tubular steel frame from scratch to get the form factor they wanted. We just wish all this labour had gone towards trying to create something original instead. We’ve got enough copycats across our Eastern border and God knows we don’t need to start nurturing our own.


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