Royal Enfield Bullet Trials 350, 500 vs Classic 350, 500: Family Feud

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We analyse what’s different between the Classic range and the newly launched Bullet Trials

Royal Enfield’s Classic has been one of the most popular motorcycles in India. In fact, the Classic 350 is the highest selling motorcycle in its segment, by a huge margin! And over the years, people have been kitting out their Classics for some light off-road use (think of all the REs that do the pilgrimage to Leh-Ladhak). That gave RE an idea: create a factory-custom scrambler for the masses. And, to add the extra punch, give the motorcycles a scrambler twist. Say hello to the Bullet Trials 350 and the Bullet Trials 500

Essentially, what Royal Enfield has done is borrow parts from the Classic range and given it a scrambler twist. So, if you are a bit confused whether these two variants are just stripped-down versions of the Classic range, fret not. Because we tell you what’s different between the Trials 350 and 500 and their Classic counterparts.

Bullet Trials 350 vs Classic 350:
There are a lot of areas where both the variants overlap each other. For instance, the engine. Both are powered by the same single-cylinder 346cc motor that produces 20PS of power and 28Nm of torque. The suspension setup too remains identical between both the variants - telescopic forks at the front with 130mm of travel and twin gas charged shocks with 80mm of travel at the rear. However, the front suspension does get rubber gaiters for extra protection. 

Even the brake setup between both the bikes remains the same - a 280mm disc with dual-piston caliper up front and a 240mm disc at the rear. Dual-channel ABS is offered as standard on both the models as well. The commonalities between both the variants end here. 

The major distinction between these two variants is the subframe: the rear-end of the Trials 350 has been tweaked to incorporate the raised rear fender. The longer rear fender and the chunkier light setup at the rear are likely the reasons why the Classic 350 is 80mm longer than the Trials 350. At 187kg, the Trials 350 is 7kg lighter than the Classic 350. While the Classic 350 and the Trials 350 features the same-sized front tyre setup (90/90-19), the rear tyre on the Trials 350 is 10mm narrower than its counterpart. 

These changes have made the Trials 350 slightly more expensive than the Classic 350 - Rs 9,100 to be exact. 

Bullet Trials 500 vs Classic 500:
Just like the 350s, the engine setup on the 500 remains the same: a 499cc single-cylinder motor that churns out 27PS of power and 41.3Nm of torque. The major difference between the two variants here too is the tyre size. While the front tyre setup on both the motorcycles is the same (90/90-18), the rear tyre on the Bullet Trials 500 is narrower by 10mm. The Bullet Trials 500 tips the scale at 192kg and is 4kg lighter than its Classic counterpart. As far as prices are concerned, the Bullet Trials 500 is Rs 5,750 more expensive than the Classic 500 which is priced at Rs 2.02 lakh (both prices ex-showroom Delhi).

Just like the Classic range, the Trials are also single-seaters. But where you do have an option to fit a pillion seat on the Classic, you don’t get that option for the Trials. It’s actually better that way because the upswept exhaust really prevents anyone from sitting at the back, and doesn’t even give you the option to mount a pillion footpeg on the right side of the bike. 

That brings us to whom these motorcycles are aimed at. On one hand, we have the Classic, which is quite versatile in every possible way - it works well in the city and even does decently well at highway touring. The Trials, on the other hand, is a much more focussed motorcycle. It is specifically designed for solo riders to take on dirt trails, and look quite cool doing it as well. We believe that the Classic should appeal to a lot more people, who’re looking for a general purpose motorcycle. But for those who mainly want to tread off the beaten path, the Trials makes more sense.

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