Honda Activa 6G vs Activa 5G: Which One To Buy?

Published On Jan 15, 2020 By Gaurav Sadanand for Honda Activa 6G

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Is a premium of well over Rs 7,000 really worth the upgrade?

Honda Activa 6G vs Activa 5G

Honda has launched the revamped Honda 6G with a new motor, better features, and improved rideability. But it hasn't changed much on the styling front, and why should it? Honda’s mantra is keeping the scooter as close to the Activa 5G as possible in terms of look and feel. Why change what already works? That said, the Activa 6G commands a premium of over Rs 7,000 (based on the variant) compared to the previous iteration. So, which one should you put your money on? Starting off with...


Design and features: 

Has the Activa 5G undergone a significant transformation? Yes and no! While the overall silhouette of the scooter remains pretty much unchanged, there are minor differences between the two on the styling front. For instance, the front apron and the LED headlight (only available on the Deluxe variant) along with the front fender receive small revisions to keep it looking fresh. The rear quarter panels have also been redesigned and look more in line with the Activa 125 BS6

The addition of an integrated dual-function switch makes it convenient to open the seat or the external filler cap without really getting off the scooter. And from the looks of it, Honda has been listening to its customers, as it has included an engine kill switch and a pass light on the Activa 6G -- crucial features missing in the Activa 5G. 

Though the Activa 6G’s instrument console has been redesigned for 2020, it misses out on a digital inset, which was available on the Activa 5G. It’s a feature that’s pretty much a norm these days. However, the new console does get a diagnostics function indicator, which automatically detects any issues related to the motor with the help of sensors.

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Engine and performance: 

For 2020, the Activa 6G gets an all-new engine with Honda’s patented eSP technology, which accounts for silent starts, reduced friction, and improved fuel efficiency by 10 per cent. The new 109.51cc single-cylinder motor features fuel-injection and makes 7.79PS at 8000rpm and 8.79Nm at 5250rpm. To draw a comparison, the Activa 5G made 7.95PS slightly lower down the rev range at 7500rpm and 9Nm of torque at 5500rpm. That’s a minor compromise for better efficiency and lower tailpipe emissions, we’d say! 

Interestingly, the exhaust end cap also appears to be smaller and more compact than the Activa 5G.


Ride and handling:

The Activa 6G is 72mm longer than the Activa 5G  (1761mm). Honda has finally updated the scooter with a telescopic fork rather than the age-old trailing-link setup on the previous-gen model. The single rear shock now gets three-steps of adjustability.

There's ample ground clearance as well -- 171mm as opposed to 153mm on the Activa 5G. Due credit goes to the Activa 6G’s larger 12-inch front and 10-inch rear wheel configuration. The braking setup has been carried over from the previous iteration with a 130mm drum brake at both ends with CBS.


Which one should you buy? 

Clearly, a lot has gone into the Activa 6G to keep it on top of its game. There are two variants to choose from, Standard and Deluxe, with the only differentiating factor being the LED headlight. Speaking of colours, there are six of them to choose from -- blue, red, yellow, black, white and grey. And though the new model is two colours short of the Activa 5G, the paint schemes look richer and more premium in comparison. 

The Standard Activa 6G costs Rs 63,912 while the Deluxe variant will set you back by Rs 65,412 -- a premium of Rs 7,978 and Rs 7,613 over their respective counterparts. To sweeten the deal, Honda will also offer six years of warranty (three years standard + three years extended) on the Activa 6G. The scooter is expected to reach dealerships across India by the end of January 2020.

It’s pretty evident where we’d put our money. Would you still rather choose the Activa 5G? Let us know in the comments below.

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