Benelli Leoncino: Pros, Cons, Should You Buy One?

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Here are a couple of areas where the lion cub fairs exceptionally well and areas where it could have done better

Benelli launched the neo-retro styled Leoncino in India with an aim to cash into the growing premium motorcycle segment. While we were smitten by the bike, there were a couple of areas where it could have been better. In order to paint a picture, we’ve listed down a couple of points that work in favour of Leoncino, and a couple that work against it.



Compact in size:

Unlike other Benellis which are known to be quite hefty, the Leoncino seems less imposing. While it might not have the street presence of a 302 R or a TNT 600i, it isn’t something to worry about. It turns plenty of eyeballs on the road while keeping in firm control of the bike. The overall dimensions of the bike is similar to that of a Ducati Scrambler.   

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Quite nimble in city traffic:

The compact size helps the Leoncino squeeze through city traffic while its wide handlebar offers enough leverage for quick directional changes. Moreover, a dry weight of around 186kg and a seat height of 785mm is perfect for shorter riders.


Premium paint finish:

The paint finish on the Leoncino is the best we’ve seen on any Benelli bike, giving off a premium vibe. The silver colour which highlights the bodyworks gels well with the classic theme and compliments the bike’s blacked out mechanical components. 



LED headlight lacks illumination:

Though the round LED headlamp looks cool, it isn’t great at lighting up the road at night. The throw of the low beam is high, it lacks spread and intensity. An auxiliary setup is a must if you are looking to venture out during the wee hours of the night.


Exposed wires look untidy:

For a slightly premium bike, we feel Benelli could have done a better job with cable management. Essentially, the exposed wire harnesses, which look untidy when viewed from close proximity. This, however, isn't a problem when you look at the bike from a distance as the black cables blend in perfectly well with the blacked-out mechanicals.


Less fuel-efficient than the TRK 502:

Despite running the same 500cc liquid-cooled inline-twin motor that seen on the TRK 502, the Leoncino is less fuel-efficient than the TRK 502 that weighs a whole 40kg more. For a broader perspective, the urban scrambler manages to deliver 22.92kmpl and 24.31kmpl in the city and on the highway respectively. On the flipside, the much heavier TRK returns 30.97kmpl and 33.5kmpl in the same scenarios. The TRK's taller gearing means it puts less strain on the engine at highway speeds. Further aiding its touring capabilities is a fairing with a tall windscreen which negates windblasts. While we would have expected the Leoncino to be just as efficient or even better in the city, the issues with our test bike may have prevented it from doing so.


Should You Buy One?

Despite its shortcomings, the Leoncino is the best Benelli we’ve ridden so far! Its unique neo-retro styling paired with the sweet sound of that inline-two motor makes it an exciting proposition. Not to mention, it handles well too! Dial in an attractive price tag of 4.79 lakh and you have a bike that’s well worth your money. 

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