Kawasaki India Offers Massive Discounts On Its CKD And SKD Products

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Benefits upto Rs 85,000 are offered on seven bikes

  • The maximum discount offered is for the Ninja 1000.
  • The ‘Boost Up Voucher’ can be redeemed against insurance, RTO charges, ex-showroom price or accessories.
  • Offer is valid until 31 October, 2019.

Even big bike manufacturers are stepping up their offers game for the current festive period. For September, Kawasaki was offering a price reduction of Rs 47,000 for its 650cc motorcycles. Now, the Japanese bike maker has followed it up with lucrative offers for all of its motorcycles except the ones that are CBUs. 

The motorcycles that are part of the ‘Boost Up Voucher’ offer are its 650cc bikes plus the Ninja 1000, the Ninja ZX-6R and the Ninja 400. The table below enlists the discount that every model gets.



Ex-showroom price before voucher

Ex-showroom price after voucher

Ninja 400

Rs 58,950

Rs 4,99,000

Rs 4,40,500


Rs 58,950

Rs 5,69,000

Rs 5,10,050

Ninja 650

Rs 58,950

Rs 5,89,000

Rs 5,30,050

Vulcan S

Rs 65,500

Rs 4,49,900

Rs 4,84,400

Versys 650

Rs 58,950

Rs 6,69,000

Rs 6,10,050

Ninja ZX-6R

Rs 65,500

Rs 10,49,000

Rs 9,83,500

Ninja 1000

Rs 85,150

Rs 10,29,000

Rs 9,43,850


While one can avail of this voucher for insurance, registration and accessories, ideally it should knock off a major chunk of the ex-showroom price. As the above table suggests, the prices of the 650cc bikes like the Z650 and the Ninja 650 have made them an even more delightful proposition for those who are stepping into the world of large capacity motorcycles. What still remains a heartache is the cost of the Ninja 400, which even after receiving a discount of nearly Rs 60,000, is priced a bit on the higher side. However, the price reduction for the Ninja ZX-6R should tempt track enthusiasts as it is one of the most potent and the only middleweight supersports currently available in India. 

This offer exists until October 31 across all Kawasaki dealerships. Kawasaki wants to get rid of its BS4 inventory soon and these discounts will definitely help its cause. 

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