Honda CB300R: Pros, Cons And Should You Buy It?

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There is a lot to rave about Honda’s latest pocket rocket

With the CB300R, Honda has a lot of positives going for it. It has helped the Japanese bikemaker step-up in the performance segment by offering an enjoyable yet matured riding experience. Here’s what’s good and what’s not with the CB300R.



Light and compact motorcycle

At 147kg wet, the CB300R is one of the lightest motorcycles in the segment. The rider ergos are very inviting with an accessible seat height, wide bars and slightly rear-set footpegs. It is quick and zippy which makes it fun cutting through the daily commute.

Potent powertrain

The CB300R might be one of the least powerful sub-400cc nakeds but because it is a featherweight, it is very quick. In fact, it was quicker to hundred than the more powerful BMW G 310 R. It is not as smooth as its predecessor, the CBR250R, but it offers a livelier performance that makes for a nice weekend motorcycle. It is not manic in its demeanour like the KTM 390 Duke and that is a great thing for those who do not want to live life at a knife’s edge every single time they thumb the starter.

Cheapest premium CKD offering

At Rs 2.41 lakh, one could say it is a bit much for a motorcycle that does not offer as much performance thrills as its rivals. And even the badge is not as premium as BMW. Still, all that is beside the point because the CB300R is India’s most affordable CKD product. Also, since it is a Honda, the servicing and spares costs will not be a heartache. All that while still offering premium levels of quality and fit-finish as the G 310 R.



Stiff ride

By bringing in an international-spec model to India, Honda has also brought in its international setup. This means the ride quality is on the stiffer side. Going over broken tarmac sections, you can feel every imperfection on the road. Mid-corner bumps do unsettle the ride. 

Does not feel like a big bike

Honda built this CB300R to be a light small bike. While it does serve its purpose when flitting through tight spots, it just looks awfully small for its size. You get the perception that you are riding a 160cc commuter and not a 300cc premium motorcycle.

Unconventional switchgear

We found this incredibly irritating as Honda has inverted the positioning of the indicator and horn switches. More often than not you find yourself honking when you shouldn’t. Wished Honda stuck to the conventional layout.

Should You Buy It: YES

Of the cons mentioned above, only the first one should affect you the most. However, the pros far outweigh the cons. And when you are looking at a matured premium entry-level performance motorcycle, the Honda CB300R does a fine job at it. Also, it saves you nearly Rs 60,000 which you would spend if you were to buy a BMW G 310 R.

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