BMW R 18 ‘Spirit Of Passion’: Image Gallery

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A closer look at Kingston Custom’s latest piece of art

Until recently, BMW wasn’t really known for its cruisers. The tables have turned now, with the introduction of the R 18 last year and two more variants-- the R 18 Classic and R 18 Transcontinental -- spawned from the big-bore boxer twin-engine. But it isn’t just the enthusiasts who fancy the Bavarian cruiser. Even custom garages are now eyeing the R 18, and this piece from Kingston Custom deserves your attention.


The R 18 is already a beautiful motorcycle to ogle at. The ‘Spirit of Passion’ takes things a bit further, by adding a beautifully crafted dustbin fairing that uses the same paint and lines like those on the stock bike to bring out the classic deco style, without missing out on the iconic BMW elements.

Kidney grille:

BMW R18 custom kidney grille
Yes, the Spirit of Passion features a kidney grille, which is probably the most important design element for BMW cars.


BMW R18 Custom headlight
The LED headlight is neatly housed in a deep recess in the front fairing. Kingston Custom’s Oehlerking even added a small wind deflector above the headlight.

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Fuel Tank:

Custom R 18 tank
Oehlerking has retained the original 16-litre fuel tank with a slight modification to hold the fairing. It also gets a 'Limited Edition' label on it.


Custom R 18 seat
The stock seat has been replaced with a more classic, suspended seat that's draped in leather. The seat's stitching blends well with the rest of the design.


BMW R18 Custom exhaust
Replacing the swooping, chrome exhausts on the stock bike are shorter, slash-cut units that highlight the open-shaft drivetrain.


BMW R18 Custom engine
The 1803cc boxer twin-engine, producing 91PS and 158Nm, has been retained. In fact, Oehlerking asserts that the engine and chassis are incredibly made, the reason why they've been untouched.

Rear fin:

Complementing the gorgeous front end is the neatly finished tail section. The rear fenders engulf almost the rear wheel's entirety, with only the disc and shaft drive visible. The tail light has been now integrated with a stubby shark fin to go with the rest of the design.

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