BluSnap2 Helmet Cooler Launched At Rs 2,299

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Features a new design that allows the rider to keep his cool while riding in the heat

  • BluSnap2 is rated to keep the inside of the helmet up to 15 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature.
  • It gets anti-bacterial filters.
  • The BluSnap2 is priced at a premium of Rs 350 over the previous model.  

Last year, Aptener Mechatronics, a Bengaluru-based start-up, showcased an ingenious device called BluSnap that could cool the insides of your helmet on a hot day. Now, the company has launched an updated version of the same called the BluSnap2.

So, what are the major differences between the first-gen BluSnap and the new one? Firstly, the design. While the previous one was box-like and had no aesthetic appeal, the new one, with its newly designed front grille and different colour tones, has a more modern look. The previous BluSnap came with an elastic belt that went around the helmet to hold it in place. The new one comes equipped with a clip instead. To meet different sizes of the helmets, the rear section of the BluSnap2 is modular i.e. you can extend it by a few centimetres. 

As far as the battery life on the BluSnap2 goes, it remains the same as the previous one (10 hours claimed). BluArmor claims that this portable cooler will lower the temperature inside the helmet by 15 degrees. The BluSnap2 is priced at Rs 2,299, a premium of around Rs 350 over the previous model. Keeping you cool (quite literally) for under Rs 2,300 looks like a promising deal, no? 

For more details, check out the press release from Aptener Mechatronics:


Aptener Mechatronics has added the highly anticipated and all-new product to their BluArmor range of motorcycle gear, the BluSnap2. The Bengaluru based start-up had launched the world’s first wearable cooler for existing full-face helmets in 2018 and has now upgraded to the second generation with added features and an all-new design.

PK Sundararajan, CEO & Founder, BluArmor commented, “We spent a lot of time talking to customers that used our first generation product, and that has helped us dramatically improve the user experience for BluSnap2. Early feedback has been terrific, and we expect to help a lot of riders keep a cool head on the road in the weeks and months to come. ”

BluSnap2 attaches to your existing full-face helmet and is lighter and smaller than its predecessor. The new design offers a modular grill with unique colour hues available as add-ons. The industry-standard chin-mount is quick and easy to install and offers excellent high-speed stability. The product comes with extensions for best fit with your helmet.

BluSnap2 is aimed at offering more rider comfort than ever before. It’s more compact and powerful at the same time. To put it into perspective, BluSnap2 offers 25 per cent better airflow thanks to improved flow dynamics and the new vent design. The dust-levels are on the rise in most cities, and BluSnap2 is very effective in these conditions. Cool air flowing into the helmet allows the riders to keep the visor down reducing the exposure to dust. On top of that, BluSnap2’s removable filter traps the residual dust particles. The result is a cool, dust-free ride.

BluSnap2 features an improved water management system – all that the user needs to do is dunk the removable filter in water for 10 seconds. A fan blows air through this replaceable anti-bacterial filter, cooling the air as it flows into the helmet.  As a result, the temperature inside the helmet is up to 15 degrees cooler than the ambient. Riders can also bid farewell to expensive anti-fogging visor add-ons using BluSnap2’s quick de-fog option. The whole system is powered by a rechargeable battery that offers 10h of run-time on a full charge.

BluSnap2 is made in India and retails at Rs 2299/- including taxes and shipping. You can order online at

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