Best Colour Options For Suzuki Gixxer SF, Intruder 150, Access And More

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Buying a Suzuki two-wheeler this festive season? We help you choose the best colour

With the festive season right around the corner, many of you would be in the market for a scooter or a motorcycle. More specifically, if you’ve already zeroed in on a Suzuki two-wheeler, here’s our pick of the best colours they are offered in.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

Suzuki's Gixxer SF has seen decent success ever since its launch. This can be attributed to its punchy engine and its GSX-R-inspired design, which helps in giving it a big bike like presence. Suzuki currently offers the motorcycle in four different colour options - blue, red and white, black and, black and gold. The last one is only available with the 'Gixxer SF SP ABS' variant. Our pick here would be the blue paint scheme, which helps the bike share a close resemblance with its litre-class sibling.

Suzuki Gixxer

Moving on to its naked sibling, the Suzuki Gixxer is same as the Gixxer SF save for the fairing. It sports a more urban-friendly streetfighter design. Just like the Gixxer SF, Suzuki offers the Gixxer in four different colours - blue, red and grey, black and the special edition red and gold option. Although the naked streetfighter looks tempting in all the colours, if it was up to us, we'd pick the red and grey paint scheme, as it helps in accentuating its muscular look.

Suzuki Intruder 150

Let's be honest, the Suzuki Intruder 150 isn't the best looking motorcycle on the market. In fact, its design can be described as polarising at best. However, packing the same engine as the Gixxer series along with the comfortable ergonomics, the Intruder does make a strong case for itself as an entry-level cruiser. Now coming to the colours, the standard Intruder 150 is available in two paint schemes - black and chrome. There’s also the special edition Intruder SP which gets a black paint scheme with a red stripe flowing from the fuel tank to the rear end of the motorcycle. Out of the three, our pick would the chrome paint scheme offered on the standard variant. It may not be as subtle as the black option but will command a greater road presence.

Suzuki Burgman Street

While we may be some time away from getting a proper maxi scooter, Suzuki has got the next best thing here in the form of the Burgman Street. Yes, it may not be the best looking 125cc scooter out there, but it sure does manage to grab eyeballs. Hence, it shouldn't come as a surprise that our pick would be the white colour instead of the black and metallic grey options. It just looks more pronounced and helps the scooter in showcasing its unique maxi-scooter-inspired design better.

Suzuki Access 125

Ever since its launch, the Suzuki Access 125 has been one of the best 125cc scooters you can buy. This is despite the ever-increasing competition from Honda and TVS. However, the only drawback of the older generation model was its bland design. That was until 2016, however, when Suzuki designers gave it a fresh lease of life. Now sporting more angular lines and a larger headlamp with a chrome bezel, its design looks mature, but fresher than ever. And what better way to compliment this refreshed look than pairing it with a metallic blue colour. While we do like the grey and red colours offered on the standard variant, the blue just looks classier and upmarket than the rest. Suzuki also offers the Access in an SE variant. Out of the three colours here - white, grey and matte black -, we’d certainly pick the black paint scheme. The reason being its maroon seat, which offers a great contrast with the matte black, making it look like nothing else on the road.

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