2021 BMW C400 vs Yamaha T-max 560: Photo Comparison Gallery

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Can the BMW C400 steal the spotlight from the T-max 560 on its 20th Anniversary?

Recently, Yamaha introduced the 20th Anniversary edition of the T-max 560 (Head here to check it out). Now, the BMW Motorrad C400X and the C400GT have received their Euro-5 updates. While both the T-max and the C400 are maxi-scoots, they have their share of differences. So, here’s a photo comparison gallery of the two to help you pick one:

Being maxi-scooters, both get big LED headlamps along with sleek LED indicators. But the T-max looks more radical than the BMWs, thanks to its sharper headlamp and an imposing front end.

That said, if you’re a BMW GS fan, the C400X will surely catch your eye, considering its headlamp draws inspiration from the bigger GS bikes.

Both scooters feature tall windscreens for wind protection.

Spacious footboards with tunnels between the seat and the handlebar are also seen on both scooters.

The seats might look similar, but the T-max’s seat is flatter compared to the BMW C400GT. The scooped seat design on the GT should result in better lumbar support.

Towards the rear, again, the T-max comes out as the sharper looking of the two, thanks to its sporty tail light. On the other hand, the GT’s design is more common.

If you have a keen eye for detail, the T-max 560 will surely grab your attention. Its 20th Anniversary Edition features carbon fibre panels, camouflage graphics, and contrasting yellow stitches on the seat.

Both scooters are loaded with features. On one hand, the C400GT gets a full-colour TFT dash with navigation features, keyless ignition, ride-by-wire, automatic stability control (ASC), and a USB charging socket in the front storage compartment.

On the other hand, the T-max features heated grips, rider modes, traction control, electronically adjustable windscreen, heated seats, and cruise control -- all accessible through a semi-digital instrument cluster with a monotone TFT in between.

Powering the T-max is a 562cc, twin-cylinder motor churning out 47.6PS and 55.7Nm. This is significantly more than the BMW’s 350cc, single-cylinder motor putting out 34PS and 35Nm. 


Both scooters use a telescopic fork (USD on the T-max). At the rear, the Yammie uses a monoshock, while the BMWs use preload-adjustable dual-shocks.

In both the scooters, braking duties are performed by dual-discs at the front and a single disc at the rear. 

Owing to their 775mm seat heights and the lower kerb weights (the X is 206kg while the GT is 214kg), the BMW C400s should be easier to maneuver in the city compared to the T-max that has an 800mm seat height and a kerb weight of 226kg.

In a nutshell, both the BMWs and the Yamaha T-max are exceptional scooters. But the BMW C400X is half the price of the T-max, making it more value-for-money. 

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