Kawasaki Z1000 ABS: Expert review

Published On Apr 17, 2015 By Abhijeet Singh Rathore for Kawasaki Z1000

The pros: Bold and aggressive looks, attractive instrument console give all necessary readouts. Mind blowing acceleration and stability.

The cons: Hard clutch action, lack of traction control. Suspension system fails to function properly.

The crux: The Z1000 is not about delicate and precise performance, it is an overdose of dopamine making you feel more ecstatic.

The new Kawasaki Z1000 clearly defines the way a big powerful street naked motorcycle is supposed to be. Ditch the fancy electronics and leave it all for the rider to handle. Customers opting for this specific segment expect an absolute undiluted hoot to ride, and do hell with sanity.

And on top of this, the segment of naked machines has been gaining a lot of attention off late. I am mesmerized and corrupted by the power and grandeur of the Kawasaki Z1000, and this is exactly what a similar rider lives for. It looks muscular, goes like its pants are on fire and hands surprisingly well for its bulk. Form and function, Kawasaki has it nailed bang on with the Z1000.


The Z1000’s styling is an expression of bravado and focused instinct. One look at it and you are captivated by a sinful, purposeful, powerful gaze, you will have to tame it first to extract the most out of it. In true words, it is ‘Seabiscuit’ on wheels.

The clutch action is a bit heavy as well and will make your left hand pain after slogging through traffic. The lack of traction control does make the Z1000 bare-chested and a more exciting motorcycle, but you have to become careful in rains and wet surfaces. I pulled out the bike from Kawasaki right when it started raining, I admit there were some gut-wrenching heart-popping slides, but the Z1000 is forgiving.

Kawasaki Z1000

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