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Weekend rides are a lot of fun but carrying your luggage along can be a pain. Having to carry a backpack for you and your pillion will not only hamper your ability to ride comfortably but will also put a strain on your back. There are a few companies in India who make luggage gear specifically for motorcycles and one of them is a company called Viaterra. Based out of Secunderabad, these guys have been making motorcycle luggage for a few years now and we got a chance to test out one of their new products, the Viaterra Rapide.

The Rapide is one of the few saddlebags that Viaterra have for motorcycles apart from a lot of other products. The Rapide’s modern style owes to the fact that it’s been designed to be used specifically on motorcycles with upswept exhausts. Hence you’ll notice the rear of the bag sloping upwards so that it doesn’t touch the silencer. 

We tested out these bags for a few days and they live up to their name. The top loading design for storing stuff makes it easy and quick to get things out of the bag and to put them back too. The mounting system is pretty simple and locks in well using a D-ring for fastening. One point that did worry us though was that the bags tend to droop down even when fastened to the maximum on the velcro straps. But we did find a work around by tying the straps from the bottle holder pocket to each other across the seat.

We didn’t get a chance to test out the effectiveness of the rain covers provided but the combined carrying capacity of 38 litres proved sufficient enough for a short weekend trip. 

Cost: Rs.2,900

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