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Being the second largest population of the world, India has different persons with different mindsets. The people here share various ideas to pursue something and they somehow succeed in that. Among a long list of passions, Indian gentry, whether it’s youth or senior, is involved in biking or we can say that they are one of the true followers of bikes or biking. Going on long road trips with lots of twists and turns, adventure, zeal, and thrill, biking in India has grown with a good pace and the hobby is getting more and more addictive with each passing day. Listing few Indian groups that have created an image of theirs in the country by their true spirit for biking.

1. India Bull Riders

Started on 22nd November 2007 as Delhi Bull riders, the group is now known as India Bull Riders. At the beginning, the group mainly focused on riding Royal Enfield’s and with time, the members also involved vintage bikes such as BSA, Jawa Harley, India Chief, etc. Royal Enfield bikes have showed up no problem even in the toughest terrains that is why the bikes of the maker are associated with the group from the beginning and was its first priority. IBR believes in spreading happiness through their passion, the group mainly focuses on helping in cash to the needy by travelling to the remote areas as the they do not have any particular geographical location to ride on. Till now, the rough and tough group has covered different tracks which include beach sides, hilly areas and long deserts. Going on vintage bikes with an add-on of Royal Enfield is itself a gem in it and spreading happiness through their work is just like a cherry on the top.

2. Bullethood the Bikers

With a motto ‘To act and not just react’, the Bullethood riders started their journey in April 2012 and got itself registered in December (12-12-12). This bikers group belongs to Kochi, Kerala. The group focuses on creating social awareness and helping the society. Currently, Bullethood Bikers ride in the boundaries of Kerala and planning to cross the borders and go beyond the limits by riding across the nation. With more than 50 riders, BTB welcomes all the biking enthusiasts whether they own a bullet or not. The particular requirement of the group is trust, love and a feeling to up with other riders throughout the journey is important to get into the group. Supporting charities and arranging social activities is the prime task of this group.

3. Wanderlust Motorcycle Club

The club belongs to Nagpur and is one of the most respected biking clubs of the city. Being the oldest group of motorcyclists, their prime motto is to discover the adventure and enjoy the rides with their Royal Enfield’s. With a headquarter in Nagpur, the group has spread its roots in Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Australia. Royal Enfield bikes are their companion on every terrain they choose to ride on which gives a feeling of trust and power of the machine. A club of absolute equals, each one is unique in his own way, the only common binding factors [love for the machine and the open road] still remain the same. Down the years they have traveled, as a club or as individuals representing the club. Their aim has not only been to travel the land, but also a constant, evolving journey of self discovery as they travel. Before the members completed their 3rd year, they became the youngest club to host a Rider Mania [2007] with a team of just 9 dedicated members at that time.

4. Free Soul Riders

It is one of the oldest group of bikers in India which believes in a saying “4 wheels moves a body, 2 wheels moves a soul”. The members of the group believe that the safety in adventure trips does not depend on which brand you are riding, but a true spirit of the riders makes the journey worth riding and safe. “Where there is will there is way”, following what their hearts say, members of the free soul riders does not bother the risk involved in their biking journeys.
Free Souls Rider is about four Key directions, which cannot be compromised.
Respect :- For the fellow riders and the road
Safety :- Protecting self and the people
Fun :- We are the one who understand why a dog wants to stick out it’s face from a car and feel the wind
Ride :- because there are times when you don’t reach, you arrive.
Mention in the comments below if we have missed some groups or suggest if you think that should be added in the thread.
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