Top 10 Most Fierce Movie Bikes of All Time

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Bikes have for long stood for passion, adventure, speed, thrill and most importantly freedom. Both in the real and reel world, bikes represent a part of rider's personality. Where in real world we have superstars like Confederate and Feline, in the reel world, things get tricky. It takes a really special bike to represent and add to the personalities of heroes and superheroes.
Here are the 10 best tricked out bikes which will surely blow your mind.

10. Fastest Indian: 1920 Indian Scout ‘Burt Monro Special’ (2005)
(Honorary Mention)
This bike does not look bad ass, nor does it shoot bullets or lasers but, this is the original hero bike. A legend in the biking world, this bike is the ultimate superbike.
Burt Monro (Hopkins) set three land-speed records in 1962, 1966, and 1967 on his modified 1920 Indian scout at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The record of 190.07 mph in 1967 is still the fastest-ever speed of an Indian. Monro modified the bike on his own and used ferry on it from New Zealand to Utah.

9. Hell Cycle II: 2009 Yamaha V-Max: Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengeance (2011)

Yamaha’s 200bhp V-Max was the new ride of Ghost Rider in the Spirit of Vengeance, replacing the custom Harley-Davidson that featured in the original film (later in the list).
For the devil’s bounty hunter, the V-Max was customised to look rugged and burnt as if it came from hell. However, due to some complex stunts, a Kawasaki KX was used in place of the V-Max in disguise.

8. Hoverbike: Custom Build: Star Trek (2009)

James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) sets on his patrolling on the Police Hoverbike - custom made for the movie. The bike looks awesome hovering in the air giving the sci-fi the perfect hi-tech police rider.

7. 2011 Harley-Davidson"Kato" V-Rod Muscle: Green Hornet (2011)

Ridden by the Green Hornet’s side kick, Kato, the customized H-D V-rod Muscle has a chopped rear fender, V-Rod Destroyer wheels, pushed back foot controls, and a one-off LED headlamp.

6. Hell Cycle: Custom Chopper: Ghost Rider (2007)

The Hell Cycle is a one off, custom made, specially designed bike for the Ghost Rider. In the movie, the Hell Cycle is capable of moving at incredible speeds, moving up vertical surfaces, cross bodies of water and at some times capable of fighting for the rider.

5. Mototerminator: Ducati Hypermotard 1100 : Terminator: Salvation (2009)

Based on the Ducati Hypermotard 1100, the mototerminator requires no rider, its fierce, accurate, fast and really mean. With the ability to fire bullets and shoot rockets, you would never want to mess with this menace on wheels.

4. Vampire-Hunting Machine: Suzuki Gladius: Priest (2011)

The movie Priest is the story of an alternate world where mankind has been on a war with vampires for centuries. In middle of all this, a priest hunts down the blood thirsty Vampires who have kidnapped his niece.
The turbine powered motorcycle was one of the few good parts of the film. Cinema Vehicle Services and Ghostlight Industries, responsible for building the bike started with Suzuki Gladius as a base.

3. Light Cycle: Tron Legacy (2010)

The Light Cycle is powered by pure liquid energy, and the Light Ribbons can be switched off any time. The front wheel of the bike is locked, so turning is only possible by tilting the bike. When attempting special maneuvers, a pair of small fins pop up behind the rider, to help in balancing or braking.

2. Robo-Bike: Kawasaki Z-1000: RoboCop (2014)

Unlike the Bat-bike, Robo-Bike is able to turn and take corners. Its short, fierce, equipped with red and blue LEDs to scare away the bad guys. The bike also has an automatic stand which comes down whenever the bike comes to a stop. The bulletproof beast is the best thing which has happened to Robocop since its inception.

1. Bat-Pod: Custom Made: The Dark Knight (2008)

How do you make the richest crime fighting vigilante look cool, build him a Tumbler. And if he asks for something a little more cooler, eject a Bat-Pod from the Tumbler.
The perfect Bat-Bike which can be easily extracted anytime, anywhere from the Batmobile, can shoot rockets, bullets and hooks, and can make Batman look so cool. The top Most fierce Movie Bike: The BAT-POD.

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