9 Myths and Facts About Engine Oils

Modified On Oct 30, 2018 By Ruchika Jain

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Our motorcycles need an engine oil to protect its moving parts against corrosion, keep them sludge free and help them operate smoothly with the addition of modern detergent oil additives. But most of us follow some prominent practices regarding the engine oil that are actually myths. Many of us are unaware of the engine problems that can occur by feeding your engine with poor quality oil and following the common misconceptions for engine oil. Our goal is to dispel some of these engine oil misconceptions to help your bike perform better after the next oil change.

1. Myth: You do not need to switch to a higher quality engine oil and spend extra, as your present oil is performing well and you have no complaints till now.

Fact: Inferior quality oils may harm your engine in a long run. A seemingly good performing engine may start corroding after some time because of harmful contaminants that get accumulated in the engine's lubrication system. We always advise you to stick to a high quality, warranty-backed brand for maximum protection.

2. Myth: There is no need to use a quality oil for older vehicles as they've already passed the manufacturer’s warranty period.

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