Weird Flex: Yamax Z400, A Blatant Kawasaki Z1000 Ripoff?

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You’re probably thinking, ah yes, definitely Chinese! And you may be right.

Weird Flex: Yamax Z400, A Blatant Kawasaki Z1000 Ripoff?

All of us have drooled over the Kawasaki Z1000 at some point or the other. Hell, we still do. Sure it doesn’t have all of those fancy rider aids, but it still is one of the sharpest, coolest litre-class streetfighters out there. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. That said, we now have an alternative. That is, if you’re willing to compromise. Check out this outrageous Z1000 rip-off, it’s called the Yamax Z400.  

Weird Flex: Yamax Z400, A Blatant Kawasaki Z1000 Ripoff?

Yup, even the name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s even hard to tell the two bikes apart from a distance. The only visible difference is the weird body panel covering the smaller 400cc engine, the exposed exhaust pipes, non branded mechanicals, skinnier tyres and the different alloy wheel design. Oh, and then there’s the overall size which looks marginally smaller than the actual Kawasaki Z1000. 

While we don't have the official specs of the bike, reports suggest the Z400 makes about 27.6PS through its 400cc parallel-twin engine. That’s not even close to the 142PS the Kawasaki Z1000 belts out. The clone Z400 also tops out at just 154kmph. 

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It's currently available at a Moroccan motorcycle dealership with a price tag of 38,900 Moroccan Dirhams, which is about Rs 3.08 lakh here in India. At this price point, you'd be better off with a KTM 390 Duke.



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