Ultraviolette F77: 5 Important Details You May Have Missed

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There’s more to the Ultraviolette F77 than meets the eye. Here are five important points to help you decode the performance electric motorcycle

Ultraviolette revealed its all-electric bike, the F77, a little over a week ago, pegging it around Rs 3.0 lakh to Rs 3.25 lakh (on-road). It’s the first proper performance-oriented electric bike, making it stand apart from something like the Revolt RV400 which leans more towards the commuter side of things. 

The F77 comes with a slew of features, some of which have been kept under tight wraps until now. So here are five points about the Ultraviolette F77 that you may have missed.


Why F77?

Like every parent, Ultraviolette is pretty proud of its creation, and its name to be specific. The F77 is inspired by the F22 & F35 stealth aircraft, hence the letter ‘F’ in F77. The number ‘7’ represents the number of motorcycles that were developed and put aside in order to develop the final prototype. The second ‘7’ corresponds to the seventy Amperes of current that powers the motor.


It’s surprisingly light:

You’d expect the F77 to be heavy considering its bulky proportions, but that’s far from the truth. The bike’s actually light. It tips the scale at just 158kg (kerb), which is 10kgs lighter than an Apache RR310. The weight loss could be attributed to the lack of fluids in the bike. Moreover, each wheel on the F77 is a kilo lighter than the ones used on the KTM


Battery charging and functionality:

Ultraviolette offers removable batteries that can be charged at home. Essentially, you could purchase a couple of extra batteries as backup and swap them out when need be.  

The second interesting aspect of the F77’s battery pack is its functionality. Simply put, the way it pops open with the push of a button. You wouldn’t even notice the battery chamber at first because it sits flush with the body panels. A push of a button sends a signal to a motor-operated battery bay that flips open on the left-hand-side from under the pretend tank.  


What’s with the “Collectors Edition” model?

First things first, no, the 100 odd Collectors Edition bikes aren’t different in terms of performance compared to the standard models. But the models do come with some features unique. For instance, Ultraviolette has used special aerospace-grade paint, claimed to be UV-resistant. The bikes also feature special monikers to distinguish themselves. 

Also, based on the sequence on the production line, these Collectors Edition bikes could get matching aircraft names. The tenth bike to roll out of the factory could be dubbed ‘A-10’, meaning the A-10 Warthog from the American fleet. Similarly, the 22nd bike could be called the ‘F22’ (as in F22 Raptor). These individual names will be etched onto the bike for that added personal touch.

Another distinctive feature comes in the form of keys. All Collector’s Edition bikes receive special keys made from a single piece of billet aluminium, while the standard key looks like it’s been CNC-machined with the F77 logo engraved onto it.

Unfortunately, you can’t possess any of these Collector’s Edition F77’s, as they’ve all been sold out.

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