New BMW G 310 R Or Used Yamaha R3: Which One To Buy?

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A brand new single or a used parallel twin with more performance for around the same price? Here’s what we think makes more sense

New BMW G 310 R Or Used Yamaha R3

The new pricing of the BS6 BMW G 310 R makes it a tempting option in the sub-400cc motorcycle segment. It now comes with a bunch of new features such as LED lights, a slipper and assist clutch, GTT (Glide Through Traffic), and adjustable brake and clutch levers. Also, just like the Apache RR 310, the BS6 G 310 R feels less vibey than before. Read about it here.

But would you be better off with a single or a pre-owned parallel twin -- say a used Yamaha YZF R3? It’s not only known to be more refined but also has more performance on tap. Plus, a slightly used bike could end up saving you some money. Here’s how the two stack up...



BMW G 310 R BS6

Yamaha YZF R3

Engine specs

313cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, DOHC

321cc liquid-cooled, DOHC inline two-cylinder


34PS at 9500rpm

42PS @ 10750rpm


28Nm at 7500rpm

29.6Nm @ 9000rpm


6 speed

6 speed

Slipper clutch



New BMW G 310 R Or Used Yamaha R3

Both bikes may be running a 300cc engine, but the R3 has an extra cylinder which makes all the difference. It’s not only more powerful but also a lot more refined since a twin-cylinder setup reduces vibration by offsetting the counter firing at 180 or 90 degrees, from 360 degrees. Twins can also reach higher top speeds than singles making them the preferred choice for track days.

Having said that, a used R3 is likely to lose a few ponies over time, nothing substantial though. Replacing a few runnings parts and good servicing should make the engine as good as new. 

On the flipside, single-cylinder engines have fewer running parts, are easier to maintain, and generally, offer better fuel efficiency. Sure, better fuel efficiency would save you some money in the long run, but Beemers aren’t particularly known to be cheap in terms of spares.

Hardware & Features


BMW G 310 R BS6

Yamaha YZF R3

Front suspension

41mm upside-down fork

41mm KYB telescopic fork

Rear suspension

Directly hinged monoshock with adjustable preload

Monoshock KYB


Front: 300mm disc

Rear: 240mm disc

Front: 298mm disc

Rear: 220mm disc


F: 110/70 R 17

R: 150/60 R 17

F: 110/70-17

R: 140/70-17


Dual channel


Kerb weight



New BMW G 310 R Or Used Yamaha R3

In terms of hardware, the BS6 G 310 R seems to have an edge. It’s lighter, features rigid upside-down forks, and gets dual-channel ABS as standard. You’d have to be a bit more cautious with the pre-owned R3. You see the older models didn’t feature ABS as standard, and the ones that do are mostly overpriced. However, if you have good bargaining skills and know how to play it smart, you could land yourself a good deal. 

New BMW G 310 R Or Used Yamaha R3

On an average, a pre-owned Yamaha R3 would cost you somewhere around Rs 2.3 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh for a 2016 or 2018 model. If you’re lucky, you could land one with just 5,000 to 6,000km on the odo. You should, however, ensure that all the documents and service history are in place. Also, keep your eyes peeled for any accidental damage. 

In comparison, a new Beemer would cost you Rs 2.75 lakh (on-road Delhi)

Overall Maintenance

New BMW G 310 R Or Used Yamaha R3

There are certain perks to owning a new bike though. An R3, for instance, is likely to eat into its certain parts rather quickly, more so when it’s a used bike. So you may have to spend on a set of new tyres as well as consumables such as brake pads, sprocket assembly. and possibly a new clutch plate among other things -- all of which would add to your ownership costs. Nevertheless, spare parts for the Yammie aren't all that expensive so it wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket. 

Adding to your maintenance cost is the yearly insurance renewals for used bikes, which cost anywhere between Rs 2,000 and Rs 4,000. 

New BMW G 310 R Or Used Yamaha R3

As for the BS6 G 310 R, it comes with a 3-year extended warranty including Roadside Assistance (RSA). You could even extend it to a fourth and fifth year for an additional cost of Rs 16,250. 

All things considered, it boils down to your taste and preference. Well-maintained R3s are rare to find these days, but are a gem to own. If you have one, you're part of the exclusive club since the model has been discontinued in India. The Beemer, on the contrary, offers premium features and benefits along with excellent build quality. 

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