Kawasaki Working On An Electric Bike?

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The leaked patent images tell us so

  • It might sport a conventional motorcycle design.
  • It’ll be a liquid-cooled unit.
  • Might go into production soon.

With emission norms getting more and more stringent by the second, several big-name bikemakers have started focusing heavily on developing their electric portfolio. The latest to join the electric bandwagon is Kawasaki -- or at least that's what the patent images tell us. 

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There are two primary takeaways from the leaked images: First, the patent shows that the motorcycle seems to sport a rather conventional design, with a battery pack tucked under the tank. Look closer and you'll also find the electric motor nestled with a gear unit underneath it. Secondly, the whole electric unit seems to be liquid-cooled. This will help the batteries cool down much quicker than the conventional air-cooling technique, and help them be more efficient in terms of range and overall battery life. This isn’t much to go on from, but it does indicate that Kawasaki is focusing on EVs, again. 

Yes, again. This isn't the first time we've seen something like this from Kawasaki. Back in 2017, there were several leaked patents of a battery-powered Ninja 300 that made the rounds on the internet. Here, the battery pack was mounted on the left side of the machine, which can be opened up from the bike and replaced with a fully-charged one. 

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All this does sound interesting, but it doesn't confirm that we might actually see the electric bike in the flesh soon. However, coming back to our earlier point, the electric vehicle segment has seen a lot of action in the past two years. If we had to guess, Kawasaki wouldn’t want to be left out. Hence, the optimist in us says, expect Kawasaki to roll it into the production floor in the upcoming years. 

Image source - morebikes.co.uk

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