Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon: Pros, Cons, Should You Buy One?

Published On Sep 6, 2019 By Gaurav Sadanand for Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon

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Bajaj played it smart by introducing an entry-level Pulsar 125 Neon amidst the current slowdown in the two-wheeler market. A sporty yet comfortable bike with a frugal engine seems to tick all the right boxes for enthusiasts on a budget; however, the Pulsar 125, like every other bike out there, isn’t perfect. So if you’re planning to get your hands on one, we’d suggest you run through its strengths and weaknesses first to make an informed decision.



Features an attractive paint scheme:

Unlike most conventional commuters out there, the Pulsar 125 gets the premium looking ‘Neon’ theme followed by its elder sibling, the Pulsar 150. The bright blue or red highlights on the matte grey paint seems to have a charm of its own and tends to draw attention wherever you go.


Gets sporty clip-on handlebars:

Offering clip-on handlebars on a 125cc commuter feels a bit outlandish, doesn’t it? Bajaj, on the other hand, feels it’s a basic requirement and slapped it onto the Pulsar 125. It’s also the first bike in its segment to feature one. Yes, the KTM RC 125 gets clip-on handlebars as well, but that's a full-fledged supersport.


Top-notch build quality: 

One might expect Bajaj to cut corners in order to price the bike competitively; however, that isn’t the case, as the Pulsar 125’s build quality is on par with the rest of its rivals.



Not the comfiest of rides:

While the Pulsar 125’s suspension setup soaks up bumps pretty well, its seat is set on the firmer side and can get a little uncomfortable while riding for long hours. 


The engine feels a bit strained at high speeds:

The baby Pulsar is perfectly capable of cruising at 75-80kmph with minimal vibes, although, post 80kmph, vibrations do tend to creep in through the footpegs and the handlebar. Beyond this point, the engine runs out of steam.


Heaviest of all 125s bikes in India:

At 140kg, the Pulsar 125 is the heaviest bike in the 125cc segment. To draw a comparison, the Honda CB Shine SP and Hero Glamour Fi weigh in at 123kg and 125kg respectively.


Should You Buy One?

The Pulsar 125 makes sense if you’re a novice rider graduating from a scooter. Besides, it’s the easiest and most affordable way to hop onto the ‘Pulsar’ bandwagon. That said, if we were you, we would opt for the Pulsar 150 Neon instead, which offers more power and equipment for a minor premium of just Rs 4,500 over the Pulsar 125.

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