Bajaj Platina 110 H-Gear: Pros, Cons And Should You Buy One

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Here are a couple of areas where the bike excels and others where it could do better

The Bajaj Platina 110 has been one of the best selling bikes from the brand's portfolio. It offered a decent amount of features, a powerful engine, comfortable ergonomics, all wrapped into an affordable package. A tempting deal for anyone on a budget. For 2019 though, Bajaj upped the ante by updating the bike with more features and better equipment for a minor price hike. To help you understand the bike better, we’ve listed down a couple of areas where it excels and others where it could’ve been better. Starting with the positives..

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Brilliant fuel-efficiency:

The Platina 110 H-Gear, which managed to return an impressive fuel-efficiency of 76.82kmpl, is the most fuel-efficient bike we’ve tested so far. It’s also the only bike in its segment to feature a 5-speed transmission, which means the engine isn’t as stressed as its competition while sustaining higher speeds. For an in-depth look at how it fares against its rivals on paper, head here


It’s quite comfortable too:

The bike's suspension, even under heavy load, soaks up undulations quite well. Apart from this, it gets a single-elongated seat with a quilted seat cover and thick cushioning to support even the healthiest of riders. 


Better equipped for the highways:

Bajaj labels the fifth gear as H-Gear, which is short for ‘Highway-Gear’. It offers better highway capabilities by enabling the bike to cruise at 5-80kmph with ease all day long. The result is a stress-free engine that delivers better fuel-efficiency.

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It isn’t the most affordable option in the segment:

Understandably, the aforementioned benefits come at a price. It is around Rs 4,600 more expensive than the standard Platina 110. This basically puts it on par with its arch-rival, the Hero Splendor i3S  (Rs 55,200), and makes it more expensive than the TVS Radeon, which retails at Rs 50,820 (all prices, ex-showroom Delhi).


Lack of bright colour options: 

Looks can be subjective, but we really wished the Platina 110 H-Gear came with some snazzy paint options, especially in a day and age where colours can be a huge deciding factor for customers. While the bike looks good in its all-black avatar with sporty graphics, it lacks the exciting factor. 


Should You Buy One?

You most certainly should. The Platina H-Gear packs a couple of features unique to itself. Lest you forget, it has better highway capabilities and better braking equipment than most of the competition. It even packs an engine that returns an impressive fuel economy of 76.82kmpl. All this for a premium of around Rs 4,600 over the standard Platina 110, which retails at Rs 50,752, sounds like a good deal to us. 

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