Popular Myths about Bike maintenance

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Myths, are the belief of the people who just trust on anything without even checking it. Did a black cat just crossed your way? Don’t worry, if you will keep your eyes and ears on the road, you will not get injured. Just like the normal life, automotive industry also has some myths. Motorcycling is believed to be the most followed passion from many years and as the liking of riders is growing towards the machines, some myths were born and became facts for beginners. Let’s talk about top 5 myths of motorcycling which are accompanying us from the day we came to know about biking.

1. Race Rubber tyres have a perfect grip

Not at all, yes you have read it correctly. Race rubber tyres are used on racing tracks by professional racers. They do have a perfect grip but the reason behind their grip is the heat these tyres produce on race tracks. As racing machines are tuned to run at high speeds, which even go upto 350 kmph, these tyres get really hot on the track and hence provide a sticky grip. On city roads, one should not expect the same behaviour from race tyres the way they behave on race tracks. For city commuting, a vast range of tyres are available which provides good grip and balance and are advisable over race tyres.

Because of this myth, Most of the bikers prefer using race rubber tyres for daily rides, but even by doing so they will not be able to feel the real experience of a racing rubber tyre on city roads. So, instead of falling in love with the tyres Valentino Rossi uses in his races, opt for tyres that are best suited for city conditions.

2. Costlier the bike, Better the performance

Again a popular belief, it does not matter how costly your bike is. Performance is a highly subjective term depending on the tuning and tweaking a motorcycle undergoes.

The pricing should be justified by the features offered in the bike. There are machines which will cost you lakhs of rupees but miss on feature like ABS, which other bikes in the same segment must be offering.

If your decision of buying a bike is based on a promotional video, hold on and think again.

The bikes used in promotional advertisements, especially in adventurous and stunt ones are tuned up to advanced levels. The videos are recorded in controlled conditions and the bikes are used by professionals. Yes, it has the same engine, power and other features claimed by the company, but then also, you might not get the same results on city roads. Hence it is always advisable to take a long and detailed test drive of the bike you wish to own.

Spending lakhs on a specific set of wheels and cursing the maintenance later on is a bad decision.

3.  Your first bike should be your dream bike

Dreaming about the 1000cc bike on the first go is not bad but making it your first choice might turn into a nightmare. Owning it is not a bad decision, but making it the first ride of your life is not a piece of cake. Rather than looking for high-end sports material, look out for a low displacement bake, which suits all your requirements, may it be your budget, style, power, controlling, handling and maintenance. Having a hands on experience on a less powerful machine will always be helpful in riding a superbike of your choice. Knowing the basics of biking will be helpful for you to maintain your next bigger and powerful set of wheels.

4. Car Drivers: Reason for Accidents always

Is it, we don’t think so. Many times it can be some rash motorcycle rider, putting a lot of lives at risk. A motorcycle rider is always at a risk of getting hit by a big vehicle, whether he is overtaking, trying to make a cut or just an attempt to show off. Motorcycles are more likely to fall on roads because of many reasons like harsh riding, bursting of tyres or driving in a wrong lane on highways. Always try and maintain good riding practices which will help you gain more balance and control on your bike.

5. ABS and other names are just ‘Names’

Do you remember the time when all the bikes were equipped with just drum brakes? No discs and no ABS were there to help us stay away from emergencies. It was more about the response of the riders to avoid or escape from an accident than the safety features of bikes. In old days, many people use to say that in case of facing an accident, one should slide his bike and it will save your life. But now with features like ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) available in bikes, a rider can control his bike without falling on road and losing control. ABS is a very effective safety feature and is a standard feature in all the powerful motorcycles.

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