Planning to go for a Long Ride? Here’s what you need to know

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The long weekend is coming up and if you are the type to go out for long motorcycle rides instead of partying the night away, keep reading. There are many who just get on a motorcycle and ride to wherever the road leads them. But then again, a little planning is always helpful. Here are some tips to keep in mind before going on a long motorcycle ride.

Tank it up: Getting the fuel tank of your motorcycle filled to the brim the day before will save you a lot of time the next day. Plus you’ll be able to ride longer on a full tank and take in more of that cool morning air.

Tyre Pressure: Keeping the tyre pressure at the right level is crucial during long rides. Not only does it help you achieve a higher fuel efficiency figure but the suspension will work better too. Remember that the tyres are what support the weight of the bike and its cargo.

Documentation: It need not be said, but there are a lot of bikers, who ride their motorcycles with an expired insurance cover, expired PUC, etc. If you do get stopped by the cops and you don’t have up to date and valid documents, you’ll land up wasting a lot of time and money. So remember to make copies of your driving licence, motorcycle registration, insurance papers and PUC certificate. Keep one copy of these documents on your person and one in your bike. This way if you do get stopped, it’s a quick in and out affair.

Money: It’s always good to be prepared. So make sure you have enough money to cover not only your expected expenses, but unforeseen emergencies as well. Always include extra money in your budget for circumstances like expensive breakdowns or an extra night’s hotel stay.

Limit the load: No one likes being overburdened and neither does your motorcycle. Both your motorcycle and your saddle-bags have load limits. Your bike’s owner’s manual will have the load limit for your motorcycle and the instruction manual will have the maximum capacity for the saddle-bags. Overloading the motorcycle causes the braking distances to increase and the suspension and tyres will be overworked.

It’s all about the motorcycle:  Your motorcycle will perform well only if it’s been taken care of. So before any long trip get your motorcycle serviced, engine oil topped up, brake pads cleaned and checked. Also make sure all the lights are working especially the brake light and the headlight.

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