Avengers and Their Two-wheeled Marvels

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The Avengers - a group of superheroes from the Marvel Universe assemble to save the planet whenever deemed necessary. Each member of this extravagance has certain special abilities, which transform them from a human to a superhuman status. Iron Man, also known as “a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist” is a technological wizard. Captain America or the first avenger is a true blue American soldier. Thor, the God of Thunder is alien to our planet and the Hulk is an invincible beast, who was exposed to severe gamma radiation. Among these superhumans, there is a Russian assassin and spy, the Black Widow. She is sharp and keeps a cap on the entire team. Since we are true blue riders, we have a tendency to associate everything with our rides. So, if these Avengers were to be motorcycles, here is what they probably would have been.

1. Iron Man - Lightning LS-218

A superhero even inside his armored suit, Iron Man is a fun loving guy who is always ready with his witty one-liners. Unlike other superheroes who hide their identities from the world, Tony Stark is quite outgoing when it comes to him being the Iron Man. His suits are powered by the arc reactor which is placed on his chest. Together with his artificial intelligence, Jarvis, the Iron Man is one herculean superhero. If Iron Man were to be a bike, he would surely be the Lightning LS-218. It is the fastest electric bike in the world and has a top speed of over 350kmph. It runs on pure electric and displays the courage of the rider, just like our superhero. If converted to INR, the bike’s price starts at Rs. 26 lakh.

2. Captain America - American Flag Painted Victory Vision

The first Avenger, Captain America holds the role of the sensible leader in the Avengers. He has been seen riding on Harley-Davidson’s cruiser machines in the movie. As an American soldier, he will best be a modified version of the Victory Vision, dressed in an American flag paint job. This modified machine is made by Harry, who shows his love for the country with his motorcycle. This bike is a true American, just like our beloved Captain America. It offers features like heated grips, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and Cruise Control.

3. Thor - Dodge Tomahawk

Thor is an alien for this world. An ancient God of thunder, he uses his hammer to control the lightning in the sky. Also, no living creature, other than Thor himself can lift his hammer. As for his toughness and strength, he gets to be the Dodge Tomahawk. Featuring the same engine as Dodge Vision, it produces 500 horses along with a torque of over 700Nm. This bike is the God of Thunder, just like Thor. The sound of Tomahawk feels like you are riding on a rocket.

4. Hulk - Gunbus 410

Well, to say the least, Hulk is a huge beast. Bruce Banner in his angry avatar, Hulk destroys everything in his path and just keeps going. He is a huge creature and only the largest running motorcycle on the planet can represent him. Having a Guinness World record to its name, the Gunbus 410 is the biggest running motorcycle of the world. This biggest bike can make its presence felt anywhere, just like the Hulk.

5. Black Widow - Harley-Davidson Electric Concept

A Russian spy at first, the Black Widow later became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. She was seen riding on the Harley-Davidson Electric Concept in the Captain America movie. She is fast, swift, lean and has all the latest equipment from S.H.I.E.L.D. She also carries electric bracelets for some quick action. If she were to be a motorcycle, it would definitely be the Harley-Davidson Electric Concept. This concept bike from Harley-Davidson is different from others in the line-up as it does not carry a cruiser like look and runs on electric energy.

Do let us know what you think will be the best motorcycles for our superheroes in the comments section below. Justice League Superheroes and their rides coming up next. Stay tuned! 

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