Yamaha MT-15: Indian vs International Spec Picture Gallery Comparison

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How different are the two models?

It is common knowledge that Yamaha India, in its thirst to make the MT-15 as cost effective as possible for the country, has skimped out on a few delicious bits. It isn’t quite like the international spec model. But just what all are you missing out on? These images will help you clear your doubts.

Both motorcycles may look the same but you will notice subtle differences. Like the rim design is quite different and the colour combinations aren’t quite the same. And while you can’t visually make it out, those of us who have seen the international bike in the flesh will tell you that the quality of plastics used on the Indian bike aren’t quite up to the same standard.

Even the switches on the international-spec bike feel more premium. The ones available here seem to have been taken from the Yamaha scooters. The consoles used are similar but the Indian version gets a negative LCD display which looks better than the regular one of the int’l bike.

You would have expected that with the cost cutting measures, the Indian-spec MT-15 would be lighter. But that isn’t quite the case. It tips the scales at 138kg, a whole 5kg more than the foreign model. 

The main talking point among the differences in the two bikes is that we have to make do with a conventional telescopic fork and not a fancy USD unit. Sure, the latter would have been pricier but it would have really improved the bike’s premium quotient and riding dynamics.

Even the swingarm isn’t the forged aluminium unit like the foreign spec model or even the Indian R15. You get a basic box-section swingarm, which is a big downer.

One big highlight of the Indian MT-15 is that it gets a chunky 140-section radial rear tyre. The international model gets the same size but it is a basic cross-ply unit.

Thankfully, what remains the same on both bikes is the sweet Deltabox frame and the 155cc VVA-equipped engine. It might be slightly detuned in India to comply with BS6 norms, but expect the same to be offered elsewhere soon as well.

Which one do you prefer? The Indian-spec model with less features or are you willing to shell the extra moolah and get the kitted out model? Let us know on our social media channels.

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