Top 5 Reasons Why We Want The Yamaha RX100 To Make A Comeback

Modified On Mar 20, 2019 By Niraj Kakade

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With neo-retro motorcycles becoming increasingly popular, there could be no better time than now to revive one of India’s most iconic motorcycles - the legendary RX100

There was a time when global warming was a myth and emission norms were unheard of. This was when the iconic Yamaha RX100 dominated the streets with its raw power and a very distinctive exhaust note. The Yamaha RX100 packed an air-cooled, 98cc, two-stroke engine that produced 11PS of power, while being featherweight at just 103kg! But that wasn't it. While offering a truly bonkers power-to-weight ratio, the motorcycle was also affordable and reliable, thanks to its bare bones construction that had lesser number of moving parts when compared to a modern commuter motorcycle.

However, its two-stroke engine wasn't exactly very environmentally friendly. The RX100 was known for producing a peculiar kind of sooty smoke that pushed the buttons of even the most lenient environmentalist, forcing Yamaha to discontinue the motorcycle in 1996. With rumours about its revival doing the rounds on the internet, here's why we think it's the perfect time for Yamaha to re-introduce the legendary motorcycle.

High Nostalgia Fever

Indians love retro motorcycles. If you don't believe us, just take a look at Royal Enfield's sales chart. Since the past few years, there's a growing number of manufacturers that are introducing retro-styled motorcycles with a refined engine and modern amenities. With the kind of advancements in technology and our countrymen being a sucker for nostalgia, there could be no better time for Yamaha to strike the iron while it's hot and revive the Yamaha RX100.

Want For More Performance-Oriented Commuters

Let's get back to reality for a second and agree that there is no way a two-stroke motorcycle will ever be (legally) sold again in India. So, even if Yamaha decides to revive the motorcycle, it will have to feature a four-stroke single-cylinder motor. While the older motorcycle made 11PS of power and 11Nm of torque with a truly stonking power-to-weight ratio, don't expect its modern avatar to pack the same kind of heat. The new four-stroke engine will add more weight and push down the acceleration and power figures. However, we expect Yamaha to find a way around it. If the RX100 does make a comeback, don’t expect it to be a boring commuter with a sticker slapped on to it for nostalgia’s sake. It’ll definitely be quite the performer, just like its predecessor.

Competitive Pricing

One of the reasons why the Yamaha RX100’s popularity soared was its attainable price. This was mostly due to its bare bones construction, basic features and easy-to-manufacture two-stroke motor. Although the new RX100 is expected to pack a more modern engine and contemporary features such as LED DRLs and a disc brake, it is expected to be priced competitively.

No Competition

Today's commuters are more focused towards long-term reliability, comfort and fuel efficiency. So it’s not surprising that most of them are considered to be downright boring. If Yamaha re-introduces the RX100, it will face virtually no competition in the 100-125cc segment in terms of performance. Unless its four-stroke engine takes a toll on performance and follows the same dull nature as other commuters, that is.

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