Suzuki Hayabusa: Same Price Other Options

Published On Dec 16, 2019 By Benjamin Noel Gracias for Suzuki Hayabusa

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We list capable alternatives to this hyper tourer

Suzuki Hayabusa: Same Price Other Options

Suzuki recently updated the Hayabusa for 2020. This will be the last lot of Hayabusas to come from Japan as the bikemaker will stop production globally by the end of this year. As part of the update, the new motorcycle gets two new colours. Pricing for the 2020 model remains unchanged and thanks to Suzuki assembling the Hayabusa in India, it retails for a surprisingly low price. At Rs 13.75 lakh (ex-showroom), you get a lot of bike for the money. That said, there are a lot of motorcycles for the same price, which just might suit your needs better. Here’s the list:


1. BMW F 750 GS Pro (Rs 13.40 lakh):
Suzuki Hayabusa: Same Price Other Options

Unlike its F 850 GS sibling, the F 750 GS is more road friendly and better suited for long-distance jaunts. It is not as quick as the Busa but has a more comfortable upright seating position, and is easier to manage as well. It remains a proper adventure and with its long travel suspension and large front wheels, the bike will cross light off-road trails with ease. The F 750 GS gets an 853cc parallel-twin motor that offers 77PS and 83Nm of torque. Our pick would be the top-spec Pro variant that receives more electronic rider aids and a semi-active rear monoshock. 


2. Honda Africa Twin (Rs 13.5 lakh):
Suzuki Hayabusa: Same Price Other Options

If you are looking to cross continents, this should be your pick. The previous-generation Africa Twin motorcycles enjoyed a cult following for its overlanding capabilities and the current one does not disappoint either. Its 999cc parallel twin motor offers 88.9PS and 93.1Nm of torque. The one we get in India gets a 6-speed DCT automatic transmission so this one is as easy to ride in the city as a large Activa. Honda will launch a larger Africa Twin next year but the current one is extremely capable as well. 


3. Harley Davidson Low Rider (Rs 13.69 lakh):
Suzuki Hayabusa: Same Price Other Options

If you are into comfort touring, you could consider the Low Rider. This chrome laden cruiser gets Harley’s capable Milwaukee-Eight motor. The 1745cc V-twin delivers 144Nm of torque at as low as 3000rpm and it is an absolute joy to use that thick wave of torque on the highway. It also handles better thanks to the updated, lighter frame. This is a bike you could consider if you are a shorter rider as the low seat and pulled back handlebars are both easy to reach. 


4. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R (Rs 13.99 lakh):
Suzuki Hayabusa: Same Price Other Options

The Ninja ZX-10R is as quick as the Busa but is more suited to the racetrack. It is also the most affordable litre-class superbike in India thanks to Kawasaki assembling the Ninja ZX-10R here. Power comes from a compact 998cc in-line four-cylinder powerplant that delivers 203PS (213PS with ram air) and 114.9Nm of torque. Like other superbikes, this one too gets a comprehensive electronics suite. Due to its committed riding position, the Ninja ZX-10 is not exactly a daily rider so consider this motorcycle only if you plan to hit the racetrack frequently. 


5. Triumph Tiger 800 XCx (Rs 14.04 lakh):
Suzuki Hayabusa: Same Price Other Options

The Tiger 800 is the most expensive ADV in this list but unlike the F 750 GS and Africa Twin, this one uses an in-line triple motor. It was comprehensively revised to make it more user friendly. The Tiger remains one of the easiest-to-ride adventure tourers out there and is a more rounded off all-rounder compared to the other ADVs in this list. It gets an 800cc inline triple that delivers 95PS and 79Nm of torque and is topped off with a host of electronic goodies. Triumph has launched a larger and more powerful Tiger 900 globally that will come to India next year. 

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