Hero Xtreme 160R: Pros, Cons, Should You Buy One?

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We list the positives and negatives so you can decide if the Xtreme 160R is actually worth buying

We recently test rode the Xtreme 160R, Hero’s first attempt at the entry-level performance commuter space, and came back surprised. The bike has a lot going for it, but it isn’t perfect. So if you’re looking to buy the Xtreme 160R, we suggest you take a look at the bike’s strengths and shortcomings. 

The Pros

Superb Suspension Setup

The bike's suspension setup gobbles up uneven roads without feeling nervous or sloppy. Simply put, its well-tuned setup feels soft but does not bottom out easily. 

Punchy Performance

The Xtreme's two-valve motor offers most of its performance in low- to mid-range revs i.e. 3000rpm to 6000rpm, translating in a very usable powerband in the city. Not having to shift gears much means the motor works more effectively, offering fantastic city fuel-efficiency. It’s also extremely refined.

Fun and Light Handling

The Xtreme is most impressive in the handling department. It feels light and nimble, especially in city traffic. A shorter wheelbase and light kerb weight means the Xtreme responds well to the slightest input on the handlebar. In the corners, the 160R feels eager but not twitchy in any way.

All-LED Lighting

The Xtreme 160R is the only bike in its segment to feature a full-LED lighting setup. The low beam on the headlamp is bright and offers a wide spread but the high beam, rather than lighting up the road ahead, is focussed higher. 


The Cons

Lack of Top-end Performance

Unfortunately, the Xtreme 160R struggles at the top-end, taking its own sweet time to reach triple-digit speeds. So if you're out on the highway, you would have to plan overtakes beforehand. The meat of the power lies in between 4000rpm and 6500rpm after which power tapers off. 

Instrument Cluster Misses Out on Key Features

The digital console on the Xtreme 160R looks neat with legible fonts. While it reads out information like a tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer and trip meter it misses out on gear position and range indicators. 

Soft Seat is Uncomfortable For Longer Rides 

The bike's soft-cushioned seat is spacious enough for the rider, but could get a bit uncomfortable during longer rides. Due to the bike's compact dimensions, the pillion seat is a tad smaller. Pillions will be perched at the tip of the seat and may have to stretch out to hold on to the integrated grab handles. 

Should You Buy One?

The Xtreme 160R ticks all the right boxes. It looks fantastic, is feature packed, gets a torquey motor, and also rides and handles well. Add in a price tag of Rs 99,950 (ex-showroom), and it undercuts most of its rivals making it an excellent proposition.

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